15 Discounts Every Senior Should Know About

Not a lot of people are very psyched with the idea of getting old. In fact, most of us would go on extreme measures to prevent ageing as much as possible. However, you can’t escape the course of nature. One day, your youthful glow will run out and there’s nothing you can do about it. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun out of it, though. There are perks that comes with a higher age number and here are fifteen of them that you should know about.

1.Life Insurance Deals

It’s a known fact that as you age, your insurance premium amount doesn’t get any cheaper. It will continue to increase with every year that you age. You may not be able to get a discount on this but you can always compare quotations from different insurance companies to figure out which one is cheaper and better.

2.Go Green for Less

f you’re on a pension and would like to significantly reduce your electric bill, there’s a government program you should know about. It’s called the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit and it allows you to get government rebates when you install solar panels.

3.Cheaper Medicine

Healthcare is very essential to human life and it becomes even more of a priority as you grow older. For most elderly people, maintenance of some type of medication can cost a lot. You can actually get your prescription drugs covered when you choose the right insurance company. This should be one of the things you must look into when choosing your medicare insurance plan.

4.Debt Payoff Program

Ever heard of Freedom Debt Relief? You heard it right. Only a few seniors know about this because credit companies don’t really discuss this but there is a relief program for seniors who owe more than $20,000 in their credit cards. This Debt payoff plan will help you solve your debt in about 24-48 months without having to apply for a loan.

5.Car Insurance Discount

Did you know you can save a lot on your car insurance depending on your age and a few other factors to consider? If you’re older than 55 and paying more than $50 a month for your car insurance, then it’s time you start asking questions to your car insurance agent.

6.Mortgage Payment

Mortgage payment has never made anyone’s life any easier. In fact, it’s more of a burden if you’re already a senior and still paying for a mortgage. But thanks to one of Obama’s legacies called Home Affordable Refinance Plan or HARP, you can save as much as $4000 every year. If you haven’t heard about this, maybe you should get on your computer and start doing some research as it could save you a serious amount of money.

7.Grocery Discounts

You probably already know about getting discounts on your groceries but there might be a way you can get the most of this advantage. Be sure to take note of the discount deals on all your favorite shopping centers.

8.Save on Credit Cards


One of the perks of being a senior is getting a credit card with 0% interest. If you’re a senior paying interest on your current card, you’re basically just burning cash. Transfer your balance to 0% interest card immediately and save hundreds of dollars in monthly interest.

9.Cheaper Hotel Rooms

When you’re a senior, you can travel without worrying about the accommodations since most hotels have discounts available for anyone who’s 60 years and older. Some hotel staff don’t proactively offer it upon check-in but if you do your research beforehand, you can get up to 50% discount in some hotels.

10.Save on Public Transport

This one is more of a reminder than a FYI. Most bus and train operators are required to offer discount to seniors, you just don’t know exactly how much. Doing a little research won’t hurt and would probably help you save a lot.

11.Phone Plans

Gadgets and smartphones aren’t just for the young. Senior citizens can get techie as well. But don’t get ripped off by your service providers. Always ask for deals that are specifically made for seniors – every service provider has them. You can compare among the telcos and decide which one would help you save more.

12.Flight Ticket Discounts

Travel is one of the things that retirees get busy with. And getting good deals off of your flight tickets sure is great. There are ticket comparison sites and phone apps you can use to help you decide which airline could fly you best.

13.Home Security System Discount

No matter what your age is, home safety is always a priority. The advantage you have when you’re a senior is you can get better deals off of your home security system compared to younger homeowners. There are alarm system companies that offer services almost for free and you’re only required to pay for the installation fee

14.Excellent Cruise Deals

For older couples, going on a cruise is a common item on the bucket list. Fortunately, most cruises have a variety of deals for senior citizens.

15.Senior Discounts Club FREE Membership

If you wish to get access to information on the best deals and discounts you can get from certain establishments, you need a membership to the Senior Discounts Club. It’s for free and basically no strings attached. Plus, you will get regular updates on latest deals and discounts you can take advantage of.

If you have queries regarding the discounts and the programs you can avail as a senior, feel free to contact us at or leave a message on the comment section on our page.


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