15 Highest Paying Cash Back Card Has Just Hit The Market

Cash back cards are getting its well-deserved attention nowadays, but we all know how daunting it is to find the right one.

Especially in this age of information, deciding on which one to get can be, well, quite confusing.

Fear not, because this article’s mere purpose is to help you decide which is best for you and your needs.

So without further ado, in no particular order, here are your best bets:

1. Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Good:
The card is more accessible when it comes to credit history requirements as compared to other cash back credit cards. If you have a credit limit ranging from average to fair, then there’s a good chance you can have the privilege of having one.

Card Power:
With unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases and a $39 annual fee, it is safe to say that you are getting a great deal on this one. Cash is easy to redeem, and it has a higher APR compared to others.

2. The Amex EveryDay® Credit Card from American Express

The Good:
Built to be a non-traditional cash back card, The Amex Everyday lets your earn two reward points for every $1 purchase on all supermarkets.

Another feature unique to the card is a 20% bonus if a holder makes 20 investments or more in one billing cycle.

Use your membership points for services like Uber, statement credits, Plenti points, online shopping (Amazon, etc.), gift cards, travel purchases and more. Earned points vary depending on the redemption process.

Having 10,000 points will translate to $60 in statement credits while it is $100 in Uber. A dollar used in a supermarket will score you between $0.005 to $0.01 points.

The Flipside:
If you are the kind who spends mostly on groceries and can figure out the slightly complicated rewards system of this card, then it is for you. Otherwise, you can keep on reading to find out which cash back card is for you.

Card Power:
You get to enjoy 10,000 worth of points if your purchases reach at least $1,000 within three months from its activation date.

Easy points redemption process.

No APR for a year, it becomes 14.49% to 25.49% APR after introductory. Rates depend on the current interest rates and your credit limit.

They offer a return policy of up to $300 per unit for returns rejected by sellers.

3. The Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card from American Express

The Good
The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card is the revamped version of the cash back card number 2 (Amex EveryDay Card) of this article. Instead of earning two points per $1, you get 3.

Another addition is that you can get rewards from gas station purchases, which will earn you 2 points per 1$. The annual spending limit is still the same.

The usual purchase bonus is 50% on 30 purchases per billing cycle. This is 30% higher compared to the non-preferred version.

The Flipside
The annual fee is $95, so it’s only worth it if you are a frequent user and you qualify for the 50% cycle bonus. Get the non-preferred version if you think you won’t be able to take full advantage of its features.

Card Power
As a welcome offer, there’s a 15,000 worth of reward points per $1000 worth of purchases within three months of its activation.

Earn 3x points via purchases in supermarkets and 2x points in gas stations.

Easy points redemption with an introductory APR of 0 for 12 months and 14.49% to 25.49 regular APR depending on the credit limit and current rates.

With a $95 annual fee, the card comes with an excellent return policy protection, which offers discounts, priority ticketing, access to shows and a $300 per incident rejected return.

4. Discover it® Chrome

The Card
Perfect for holders who love eating in restaurants and spends on gas. Purchases of dining and gas through Chrome is 2% with a limit of $1,000 per quarter; anything above that would get you 1% earnings.

Quarters begin at the 1st of January, April, July, and October. Cash backs in the first 12 months of activation are multiplied by two.

Card Power:
On the first 12 months, get double cash back on dining and gas. Anything above the quarterly limit gets you unlimited 1% cash back on all purchases.

Easy cash redemption with no APR for 12 months and 0 annual fee. The balance transfer costs 3% of the total amount.

Plus, a freeze account feature that disables credit use with just a click.

5. Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card

The Card
This card offers unlimited returns of 1.5% on all purchases. Enjoy a $200 welcome bonus that you can get if you reach purchases amounting to $1,000 within three months upon activation.

And with a 1.8% cash back on all Android and Apple pay purchases for the first 12 months, it’s a mobile wallet fan’s dream!

Card Power:
Sign-up bonus feature lets you earn a $200 cash bonus after $1,000 worth of purchases within three months from card activation.

For 12 months, cardholders can earn 1.8% from Apple and Android pay, with no APR & balance transfers. Then receive 1.5% cash backs on every purchase after the introductory period. There are also no Annual fees.

The card offers their cardholders with a mobile protection plan capable of covering devices amounting to $600 per item and $1,200 per year. There is also coverage for travel inconvenience with an overdraft protection transfer option that will cost you $12.50 to $20 depending on the need.

6. Discover it®

The Good
Considered as one of the best cash back cards from the brand, it offers a 5% return in rotating categories each quarter with a $1,500 limit every three months.
Categories available in the rotation are gas stations, department stores, movie theatres, restaurants, and home improvement stores. To consistently take advantage of the 5% cash back, holders must manually activate it every quarter.
After finishing your first 12 months, the bank will automatically double all the cash back you earned over the year. You can redeem through Amazon credit, bank deposits, check or as a statement credit,

The Flipside
Though it is not much of a hassle, you might shy away from the manual activations it requires on a quarterly basis.

Card Power
The card features double cash back on the first year and very high returns in rotation categories, easy redemption, no APR for the first year, no annual fee, and a 3% balance transfer.

Cardholders may opt to disable their account features with one click.

7. Capital One® Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Good
This cash back card is designed to cater people who love to eat. It features an unlimited cash back program that offers 3% on dining purchases and 2% on groceries.

Card Power
Savor offers $150 as a sign-up bonus upon making $500 worth of purchases in three months after its activation. 3% cash back on registered restaurants and unlimited 2% returns on eligible grocery purchases with no cash return limit and expiry.

You can redeem any amount through mailed checks and statement credits. This card also allows recurring redemptions automatically at thresholds of $25, $50, $100, and $200.

No APR on the first three quarters and a 3% balance transfer fee within the introductory period. No annual fees and overseas transactions cost 3% of the total price.

Savor is also backed up with Mastercard benefits like travel insurance, trip cancellation, complimentary car rental insurance, price protection, etc.

8. Chase Freedom®

The Good
Chase freedom is an online shopper’s dream. Money spent on Chase Pay and Paypal will receive 5% cash backs. Excellent news for all eBay buyers that prefer Paypal as their payment method.

There is also unlimited 1% return on all purchases to accepted outlets. If cardholders buy from an outlet that qualifies to their rotating category, they can get a 5% cash back.

With occasional time limited promos, this card proves to have a reliable purchasing power that allow holders to earn a maximum of 10% cash back per purchase.

Their rewards program is worth $0.01 per point, and in some cases, 1 point can be equal to $1 and 5 points per $1.

The Flipside
If manual activation is not your thing, then you might consider this as a drawback for this card since members are required to do it quarterly.

Card Power
Get $150 as a sign-up bonus when you spend $500 on accepted outlets upon three months of activation. Get an additional $25 if you add another eligible cardholder to your account and they make a purchase within their 3 month activation span.

Enjoy 5% cash back in rotation categories every quarter that is limited to $1,500 and anything beyond the limit will get you1% cash return on all purchases.

No minimum threshold for redeeming cash backs with 0% APR within the introductory period of 15 months.

After the introductory period, APR will range from 16.24% to 24.99% depending on the environment.

Balance transfer cost 5% of the total amount; foreign transactions are 3%, and cash advances are 5% with no annual fee.

Chase Purchase Protection ensures all Chase Freedom Card purchases from loss, damage and theft for four months with a $500 per item and $50,000 per account clause.

9. Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

The Good
The essential cash back card is here, and it is built to help you in everyday purchases like fuel, clothing, home goods, and other staples.
Its strength lies in a 3% cash return on all US supermarket outlets with an annual limit of $6,000. Anything above that will earn its cardholders unlimited 1% cash returns. US gas stations and department store purchases allow holders to receive unlimited 2% cash backs.

The Flipside
Cash backs come only in the form of statement credits. Adding to that, superstores, wholesale clubs and alcohol sellers are not considered as an accepted outlets.

Card Power
$1,000 worth of eligible purchases in three months from activation will get you $150 statement credits as their welcome offer.
No APR for one year and 3 months and a 14.49% to 25.49 APR depending credit worth and current interest rates beyond the 15-month period. No annual fees with 2.7% foreign transaction charge and a balance transfer cost of 3% per amount of transfer.

10. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

The Good
With a limit of up to $6,000 eligible purchases on all U.S Supermarkets and a 6% cash return, it is the card perfect for all grocery shoppers. Anything above the limit will give the cardholder unlimited 1% cash backs.

When it comes to eligible purchases on US department stores and gas station categories, holders will get 3% worth of unlimited cash returns.

The Flipside
A dramatic drawback of this is that cash returns comes only in statement credits and that it has a $95 annual fee. Also, the company doesn’t consider superstores, alcohol retailers, and wholesale clubs as eligible markets.

However, even with the drawbacks aforementioned, the 6% cash back allows its holders to still be ahead from other cardholders.

Card Power
A $1,000 worth of eligible purchase in 3 months from activation will avail you a $200 statement credit as their welcome offer.

The regular APR ranges from 14.49% to 25.49%, but this is will only take effect after an introductory period of 1 year with 0% APR. Foreign transaction fees are worth 2.7% and Balance transfers cost 3% or 5$, whichever is greater.

11. Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Good
Perfect for individuals who prefer cash back cards that covers more general purchases. You can use this anywhere and with no limit at a range of 1.5% cash return on all investments. It is redeemable through bank deposits, gift cards, and statement credits.

The Flipside
This is not for cardholders who are looking to get great deals for specific categories.

Card Power
A sign-up bonus of $150 when a holder spends $500 on eligible purchases within the three months of the card’s activation.

A 9-month introductory APR of 0%. No foreign transaction and annual fees. Cash advance rates cost the greatest of 3% or $10.

12. Chase Freedom Unlimited®

The Good
This is for people who prefer a well-rounded card with an unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases.

Chase Freedom Unlimited also offers seamless interaction with its other purchasing platforms. Where you can buy cash equivalents, travel and merchandise as well as transfer points to other cards at a ratio of 1-to-1.

The Flipside
If you are a new member, there’s a chance you might not be able to take advantage of the card’s seamless capabilities but other than that; it is an efficient card.

Card Power
They treat their new members with a sign-up bonus of $25 on your first purchase and another $25 by adding another user, given that they make a purchase within 3 months upon activation. Also, newbies can get a $150 cash reward after spending $500 on eligible purchases in their first quarter.

Redemptions can be done through bank deposits, statement credits, general merchandise buys, travel purchases and gift cards at their rewards portal.

They also offer a 16.24% to 24.99% APR after a 15-month 0% APR with a cash advance APR of 26.4% from the first day. No annual fees. Balanced transfers & cash advances costs 5% and a foreign transaction fee of 3%.

Cardholders are insured with a $500 per item for 4 months after membership and reimbursements of up to $500 as difference of the lower advertised price and higher purchase price within the first 90 days from purchase date.

13. Citi® Double Cash Card

The Good
This cash back card is the best option for cardholders who are looking for flat-rate returns. You get 1% back on every $1 you purchase and another 1% back when you pay it.

The Citi Double Cash Card is considered as an industry-leading cash back card in the market today.

The Flipside
One of the drawbacks of this card is the lack of sign-up bonuses and other milestones for rewards.

Card Power
By reputation, this card is one of the best in the modern market, and it’s because of its straightforwardness, and it’s simplicity when it comes to its processes.

14. U.S. Bank Cash+™ Visa Signature® Card

The Good
This card is the best bet for a cash back card that offers customizable rewards. Members get the chance to choose from a set of rotating categories. The selected categories have a limit of up to $2,000, and holders are allowed to pick two more with cash back rate of 5% per quarter.

The goods don’t stop there as you can choose another category and earn cash backs of 2% per eligible purchase and 1% on purchases outside categories as well.

The Flipside
There’s a lot of effort involved when you are a category card holder, but it requires a little bit more effort since it is on a system that requires actively managing a users preferred categories every quarter

Card Power
New card members get a bonus of $150 after spending eligible purchases of $500 within the first quarter.

APR ranges from 15.49% to 24.49% only after finishing an introductory APR of 0% for 12 billing cycles.

15. Alliant Cashback Visa® Signature Credit Card

The Good
This cash back card has a fantastic rate of 3% unlimited rewards on all purchases for the first 12 billing cycles and changes to 2.5% after that. Its no foreign transaction fee makes it the perfect traveling companion.

The Flipside
There’s an annual fee for the 2nd year worth $59 as well as the need to spend an extra of $2,360 to make up for it.

Card Power
This card is for individuals with the capacity to spend $50,000 per year.

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