15 Of The World’s Rich and Famous Female Billionaires

They say no one can possibly have it all; but for these women, anything is possible. It makes you wonder what must be going on in God’s mind when he created these women. He must have thought remarkable and jaw-dropping beauty wasn’t enough so he made them filthy rich as well. Anyhow, if you’re ready to find out how these women got their seemingly bottomless cash supply, put your insecurity shields up and read on.

1).  Sara Blakely – $1B

First on our list is the founder of the revolutionary intimate apparel brand, Spanx. She built her company in her late 20s. This self-made billionaire is 47 years old and a mother of four.

2).  Perenna Kei – $1.3B

This 26-year-old billionaire is China’s real estate princess. She is the daughter of the chairman and CEO of Logan Property – a Chinese real estate development company. Perenna holds 85% of the company’s shares.

3).  Anna Anissimova – $1.49B

When being the daughter of one of the richest men in the world isn’t enough, you go ahead and be a model, actress, and producer. Popular for her movie, The Whistleblower, this gorgeous billionaire is also known for her exquisite taste in real estate.

4).  Aerin Lauder – $2.6B

Being an heiress to a successful cosmetics company wasn’t enough for this 46-year-old billionaire. Aside from owning 16 million shares in her grandmother’s company, Ms. Lauder also started Aerin, her very own fashion, cosmetic, fragrance, and furniture line.

5).  Ivanka Trump – $3B

The 36-year-old Ivanka Trump is a popular model and businesswoman. She also wrote a couple books about business and success. And oh, did I mention she’s the daughter of the most powerful man on Earth?

6).  Tamara Ecclestone – $3.6B

Daughter to the former executive of Formula One group, the 33-year-old billionaire is also a model and showbiz personality.

7).  Holly Branson – $3.8

Beauty, brains, billions – at the age of 35, Holly’s got it all. She’s the daughter of the Founder of Virgin Group and a medical degree holder from the University College of London.

8). Elizabeth Holmes – $4.6B   

Apparently, being an heiress to one of the most successful fashion brands in the world isn’t enough for this 43-year-old entrepreneur. Dylan opened her own business which is now the largest candy shop in the world.

10).  Charlotte Casiraghi – $5.7B

The 31-year-old royalty was born into riches and is currently 9th in line to the throne of Monaco. But she’s determined to make a name for herself as a writer and editor.

11).  Marie Besnier Beauvalot – $5.7B

The stunning 37-year-old French billionaire is number 441 on Forbes Billionaires list. She inherited her parents’ dairy company, Lactalis.

12).  Josie Ho – $7B

Josie is the daughter of the famous Macao casino mogul, Stanley Ho. But she is more popular as a singer and actress.

13). Amanda Hearst – $8.7 B

Aside from being an heiress to the Hearst Corporation, this 34-year-old billionaire socialite is also a philanthropist who founded Friends of Finn, an organization which aims to stop dog abuse.

14).  Georgina Bloomberg – $11.5B

Georgina is the daughter of Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP. Aside from being a professional equestrian, she is also an Animal Rights advocate.

15).  Laurene Powell Jobs – $19.7B

Making it to the number one spot on our list is the widow of Steve Jobs and the founder of Emerson Collective. Laurene has a staggering net worth of $19.7B USD.

So, there’s your list of the 15 most gorgeous billionaires under 50. If you have more info you would like to share with us or any queries on our topic, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comment section. For more interesting lists, follow us on social media to receive our latest updates.

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