20 Spine-Chilling Facts About Japan’s Eerie Suicide Forest

Aokigahara keeps terrifying truths that lie within its broad and thick woods. This forest of striking foliage is fitting for horror movies owing to its horrific history and scary folktales. Let us unveil this infamous suicide forest’s morbid reputation.

1) The forest is one of the most famous suicide lairs in the world.

Statistics shows that as numerous as 100 lives are taken in Aokigahara every year. I might understand that this lush forest feeds on these corpses.

2) Japan has an honorable tradition of suicide.

Suicide is viewed noble in Japan unlike in other countries. This tradition of self-inflicted death dates back to samurai’s ritual called, seppuku. Is it the culture or more of the psychiatric condition?

3) Japan is in the top list of suicidal rates in the world.

Blaming the country’s recession last 2008, Japan started scooping 2,645 recorded self-inflicted killings. Reasons are rooted from family problems, financial depravity, and unemployment. How about mental health?

4) Suicide prevention is mounted. 

Japan’s government has been perturbed of the country’s high rate of suicides. They started to install surveillance cameras and police patrols at the entrance of the spooky forest. I hope it will reduce the killings.

5) Aokigahara is naturally eerie.

Aokigahara is usually rearing twisted trees seemingly plotting for a treacherous stride in the woods. Moreover, the scarcity of wildlife and the chasm of silence seem howl for more killings.

6) Hanged corpses are sighted in the forest.

Hanging is the most prevalent and easiest method of self-killing in the suicide forest. What a horrifying view!

7) Literature pays tribute to the forest’s morbid reputation.

Writers are seemed possessed to give rise to books and novels that appreciate the tragic suicide forest. Are they under the influence of the sinister Aokigahara?

8) The forest has a dark folklore of abandonment.

The dark legacy of subacute or obas ute is a brutal neglect of an elderly or a sick relative in the eerie forest. It is not suicide, but dehydration and starvation will kill them. Heartless folks!

9) Aokigahara may be haunted.

People believe that the vengeful spirits of ubasute victims and the mournful spirits of suicides exact torment to the lost visitors of the forest.

10) Annual recovery of corpses is held in the woods.

Annually, volunteers search for the remains of the victims to give proper burial back in the civilization. And it is much bothering that they recover 70 to 100 corpses every year.

11) Bringing tents into the woods suggest doubts.

Campers are allowed in the forest, but bringing tents are somehow prohibited. Patrolling police believe that suicidal attempts are made in the tent.

12) Visitors tie ribbons to secure their way back out of the forest.

The dense and thick foliage of the woods conspire as a labyrinth to the visitors. They need to tie ribbons around trees to secure their way back.

13) Aokigahara is a dead spot area.

The suicide forest disengages GPS systems, mobile services, also compasses. Can we blame the magnetic-rich soil or the demons lurking in the woods?

14) Going off the path leads to shocking discoveries.

Human bones, hanged corpses, and eerie trees are some gruesome discoveries you will have when you become inattentive and lose track.

15) Natural wonders become unnoticed.

Because of the forest’s morbid reputation, other fantastic views become neglected such as Narusawa Ice Cave and Lava Plateau.

16) Warnings are posted at the entrance of the woods.

Unlike other tourist spots that welcome visitors, the entrance to Aokigahara warns hikers not to continue their trail. However, it is only effective to few.

17) Abandoned cars are littered along walkways.

One of the proofs that most people can’t get out from the haunted forest are the abandoned cars littering along the walkways to the entrance.

18) The suicide hotline is posted at the entrance of the forest.

Japan’s government wants to stop the self-inflicted killing as much as they want. Aside from the warnings given, suicide hotline numbers are posted at the entrance – and consultation appointments are for free.

19) Sunlight is blocked to most parts of the forest.

It is believed that ghosts, demons, and other evil spirits can’t foster in light. The sun beams are blocked in most parts of the forest declaring its allegiance to hell.

20) A bird-like demon is in charge of the forest.

Tengu, a bird-like demon is said to be spotted in the woods. Locals and witnesses have agreed that Tengu takes charge and haunts the woods.

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