Pokemon is one of the most successful anime in the history. With almost a thousand of the anime episode, movies, video games, and trading cards, its popularity can’t be questioned. When we are talking about Pokemon, one name will never be left out. The iconic mascot of the Japanese pocket monster is recognizable to anyone who watched the anime. Yes, it is that yellow mouse with the power of electricity, Pikachu. In this article, we are here to uncover shocking facts about Pikachu. Are you excited? Here we go.

1. Pikachu is voiced by Ikue Otani.

Do you ever wonder who voiced Pikachu in the anime and movies? It was hard to believe that Ikue Otani, 50-years-old has been behind the voice of Pikachu since April 1997. She’s as cute and adorable as Pikachu and looks so young compared to her age. She’s so talented that she plays male and female voices to different anime in Japan.

2. Clefairy is meant to be the show’s main character, not Pikachu.

Pokemon Adventure is sold over 150 million copies of the magazine before the show aired on television. The producers and executives initially chose Clefairy to lead the marketing and franchise of Pokemon. Through that stage, they knew that Pikachu could connect more to people, maybe the bright yellow color can engage all ages. They immediately gave the spotlight to Pikachu as the main mascot in the TV adaptation. Well, their strategy naturally went to success.

3. The origin of the name “Pikachu.”

Now, you would like to ask where Pikachu had its name. The Japanese word for the crackling noise of electricity is called “Pika” while the sound a mouse makes is described by the Japanese as “chu.” Put them together, and you’ll get the whole name. It may sound so easy when you knew the origin, but the Pokemon developer had a hard time creating it since they want to develop a name that will hit for American and Japanese audiences. In English, Pikachu directly translates to Electricity Crackling Mice.

4. Pikachu is the Japanese version of Mickey Mouse.

Pikachu and Mickey Mouse are both mice which centers the comparison between these two beloved characters. Japan claimed it to be their local version of Mickey Mouse and without a doubt; Pikachu already becomes an icon loved by its fans around the world.

5. Pikachu cards are rare and expensive.

Sure, there is a business of Pokemon cards. It is one proof how great Pikachu is. The rarest and most expensive Pokemon Card released is Pikachu illustrator for the year 1998. There are only four of these in the whole world, and a piece was purchased through eBay at $100,000. Labelled as the Holy Grail among the Pokemon cards. The second most expensive Pokemon Cards are numbers one, two and three trainer cards where only one card a year is released. Ranking on the third spot is the evolved version of Pikachu, which is Raichu where only 10-15 cards are only issued a year.

6. Pikachu is undoubtedly strong.

Beating two legendary Pokemon is no easy task. People argued and labeled him the strongest Pokemon but seemed puzzled why some Pokemon defeats Raichu, the evolved version of Pikachu. This argument is left with one logical explanation that tells how good Ash is a trainer.

7. Pikachu merchandise is found all over the world.

We already talked about how expensive a Pikachu card is, and it will be expected to find Pikachu merchandises wherever we go. A plane painted with Pikachu is spotted at London Heathrow Airport, Pikachu cars, hats, clothes, keychains, school buses, helmets and much more. Could you believe that Pikachu can be seen on surgical masks, condoms, and menstrual pads too? Let’s talk about the demand and supply.

8. Pikachu’s diet is working.

Did you observe this change in Pikachu’s physical appearance over time? The first Pikachu launched in the year 1998 is fat than the previously released Pikachu. However, more people prefer the chubby version of Pikachu as they think it is cuter than the Pikachu today. They did not explain why this is happening. Some people concluded that it is efficient for Pikachu to move and fight if he is slim. He lost thirteen pounds. Maybe he is hitting the gym on weekends.

9. It is easy to distinguish male from female Pikachu.

They become successful in branding Pikachu as a mascot that is relatable to all genders. You might be surprised that it is so easy to know a Pikachu’s gender. Look closely at its tail. A straight edge tail is possessed by male Pikachu while the female has a cut in theirs which is comparable to a heart shape.

10. Pokemon Go is a hit game where Pikachu can be used as starter Pokemon.

Initially, only Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle are used as starters in Pokemon Games. The newest game application named Pokemon Go where you can catch Pokemon from your environment can handle Pikachu as a starter Pokemon. Some players considered this as a cheat since, in the previous games, you need to work hard to obtain a Pikachu, whereas in Pokemon Go, all you need to do is to run to four starting options repeatedly and a Pikachu will spawn for you to take.

11. Ash’s Pikachu has a name in the manga.

In the manga, Ash introduced Pikachu by the name Jean Luc Pikachu. When the Pikachu is franchised, the name was abandoned quickly. Pikachu is now Pikachu and is much more recognized with the general term.

12. Ash already experienced how to be a Pikachu.

The hat makes it less confusing to which is which. If you think Ash only trains Pikachu without knowing how it feels to be a Pokemon, then you are wrong. An episode where Ash received a spell and becomes a Pikachu was aired. He is called Ashachu. Although the spell is reversed on the following episode, the fans are surprised by this plot twist and never repeated.

13. Atsuko Nishida designed Pikachu.

The Pokemon franchise is made by Game Freak and is published by Nintendo by the year 1996. Atsuko Nishida is the one responsible for designing Pikachu together with the other species of Pokemon. The design is finalized by Ken Sugimori who conceived the Game Freak development team.

14. Pikachu is obsessed with Ketsup.

It feels so weird that a mouse is obsessed with ketchup than cheese. Catsup is the favorite condiment of Pikachu which is showed in some episodes of the animated series. He is also seen eating apples and red berries. Maybe the real deal is his fondness for red colored foods. Nobody knows why but it is cute seeing a yellow lightning rat hugging a battle of red catsup like a child’s favorite lollipop, right?

15. Protein is named after Pikachu.

It is not surprising to know that people name their pets after this famous rat but naming a protein found in the human body is beyond shocking. This newly discovered human protein is named Pikachurin. This protein transmits electrical impulses from the brain to the human eyes and plays a vital role in congenital muscular dystrophies.

16. Pikachu can be found on a Niue dollar coin.

Now, Pikachu’s worth can be seen in money. A Pacific Island nation in Niue produced a one dollar coin of Pikachu. They are huge fans despite the 1190 population and total land area of 100 square miles. The coin is released last 2001 together with Meowth, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. You can buy them on eBay for over $1300 each coin. You should add this to your Pokemon collection.

17. A city is also named after Pikachu.


Mayor Joan Wagnon renamed the city of Topeka into ToPikachu for a day. They might be in for the trend of Pokemon’s popularity way back in 1998. He successfully leads the fans and boosts tourism in his city. Up until today, the town is linked as a haven to Pokemon fans in the world. Unfortunately, when they decided to join the google hit on 2010 and change the city’s name to Google, Kansas for a month, they got hate responses and withdrew the announcement.

18. Pikachu recharges electricity while sleeping.

We all know that Pikachu’s extraordinary power is emitting electricity. That cute red circle in his cheeks has a purpose, and it is not solely to be physically attractive. Pikachu used them as pouches for storing electricity while sleeping. They can also recharge other Pikachu if needed. Try to observe how they discharge excess power upon waking up through yawning.

19. Pikachu can learn how to fly and surf

You might be laughing knowing the fact that a mouse can learn how to fly and surf but this is no joke. It sets Pikachu apart from other non-flying Pokemon as he can adapt to learn it. They can be taught these techniques by turning on the Pokewalker to gain points and access Yellow Forest.

20. Pikachu couldn’t learn Thunderbolt on his own.

Thunderbolt is a signature technique of Ash to request for Pikachu, together with Thunder, Thunder wave, and Thundershock. He can only learn by using TM24 or learn it when you are already in level 26.

21. Pikachu the only electric Pokemon owned by Ash.

There are fifty other electric type Pokemon, but Ash only owned Pikachu. It is unbelievable that after so many seasons, Ash did not catch a single electric type Pokemon other than Pikachu. Maybe the creators did not want fuss or jealousy between the entire relationship of these two.

22. They failed in changing Pikachu’s name to Mandarin.

Look at how much the Pokemon fans value Pikachu’s name. They protested for a possibility of changing Pikachu’s name to Mandarin or Cantonese version. All these fusses are for the sole purpose of preserving the cute name given to the lovely electrifying rat in the anime series.

23. Pikachu did not want to evolve.

Three levels of evolution can happen into a Pikachu. When a Pichu is thrilled, it can transform into being a Pikachu, and when a Pikachu hits a Thunderstone, it will evolve to a Raichu. In the animated series, Ash’s Pikachu has all the opportunity to develop into a Raichu but just let a thunderstone pass through him. It is believed that they wanted to prove that a Pikachu can be powerful even without the evolution. Besides, the merchandise designs need to change the moment he evolved, right?

24. Pikachu and Meowth is the Pokemon version of Tom and Jerry.

A classic cat and mouse relationship can be observed in the series. The endless hunt of Meowth to Pikachu together with the Team Rocket makes sense knowing that they are mortal enemies even in natural food chains of animals. Also, their Pokedex numbers are the direct opposite of each other which is 52 and 25 respectively.

25. Pikachu appeared in a cartoon, the Simpsons.

Pikachu is not only popular to human, but also to cartoon character like Bart Simpsons. He is spotted to watch Pikachu where Ash asked Pikachu to get the Crystal Life Ball.

Pikachu is not just a cute, active Pokemon that becomes a part of everyone’s childhood. There are so many fans who grew up with the Pokemon series over time. Its influences are scattered all around the world and undoubtedly becomes a wide-range fandom. With these facts at hand, Pikachu becomes more lovable. Do you have more exciting information about Pikachu that is not mentioned above? Put them in the comments and do not forget to share this with your Pokemon buddies. We can’t wait for your responses.

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