25 Famous Women Who Never Married

Today, women are independent and powerful in their respective careers. Gone are the days when it was considered imperative for women to marry. Marriage is no more considered to give security to women and here is a list of 25 successful women who never married in their lives. These are examples to prove that marriage that it wasn’t compulsory for women to get married.

1. Dana Delany

The Desperate Housewives Actress, Dana Delany never married in her life because she was busy with her professional commitments. She admitted that she was open to marriage only when she turned 50. She wanted a man who was kind and had a good sense of humor, but we feel that she waited for too long. Didn’t she?

2. Kimberly Stewart

Model, fashion designer, socialite and famous American reality TV star, Kimberly Stewart had a one-night stand with Benicio Del Toro and gave birth to a daughter later on. However, she never married Benecio or anyone else because she wanted to settle down in her life first. She wanted to calm down her wild lifestyle before thinking of a stable life that included husband and kids.

3. Naomi Watts

The talented actress, Naomi Watts, may have been in long-term relationships with two famous men in the world of entertainment – Heath Leger and Liev Shriber. Though she was engaged to Liev, she was against the concept of marriage. Even with Heath, she was always quoted saying that it was perfectly alright with her to not have a marriage certificate in her life.

4. Mindy Kaling

American actress, comedian, and writer, Mindy Kaling, has openly admitted that she is quite self-centered and doesn’t want to play second fiddle to any man in her life. While she was younger, she did have her fantasies about getting married, but when she matured, she started focusing on her work. Today, she feels that she has so much of work in her hand that there is no room for anybody else in her life.

5. Anita Hill

The famous US attorney, Anita Hill, became famous when she opposed Clarence Thomas in one of her cases. Though she has a long-time boyfriend, she decided not to get married because she didn’t see any special meaning to her relationship because of a certificate.

6. Diane Keaton

Famous American actress, Diane Keaton, has had her share of boyfriends (famous ones at that!) in her life. In her 60s, she admitted that she enjoyed her affairs with Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, and Jack Nicholson. She also stated that she wasn’t prepared to commit to one person due to which she never felt the desire to get married.

7. Oprah Winfrey

The Queen of Television, Oprah Winfrey has been in a steady relationship with boyfriend, Stedman Graham for over three decades now. However, she has admitted that both of them never want to get married because that could cause problems in their relationship.

8. Sarah Silverman

Talented comedienne Sarah Silverman has been an outspoken personality always. While talking about marriage, she admitted that though she doesn’t have anything against the concept of marriage, she felt that she was not cut-out for the same.

9. Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn, the blonde beauty and one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood has been in a relationship with Kurt Russell for many decades. The couple has four children together. However, Goldie and Kurt don’t believe in the concept of marriage as it doesn’t add any value to their long-term relationship.

10. Marie Louise Parker

Mary Louise Parker was seven months pregnant with her son when her partner, Billy Crudup left her for Claire Danes. However, the actress chose to take things in her stride and went on to adopt a girl from Ethiopia. Today, she is happy with her work and children.

11. Lauren Graham

TV star Lauren Graham and her boyfriend, Peter Krause (also from the TV) have been in a happy relationship for a long time now. She told the world that though they aren’t married to each other legally, it doesn’t make any difference to their lives.

12. Lauryn Hill

Singer Lauryn Hill and Rohan (son of the great Bob Marley) were in a relationship for 15 years. They had five children together. Lauryn also went on to become pregnant with another man’s child when Rohan left her. Later, Rohan revealed that Lauryn never agreed to get married to him.

13. Robin Roberts

Good Morning America fame and news anchor Robin Roberts is one of the most independent and powerful women on American television. Though she has been going strong with her boyfriend of 14 years, Amber Laign, she doesn’t intend to get married to him anytime shortly.

14. Alison Janney

American Actress and the multiple-award winner, Allison Janney may have been in her 50s in 2014, but that didn’t stop her from declaring the wanted to enjoy her life by feeling young and sexy. She had no idea to settle down with a single person for life.

15. Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is a popular and powerful American TV producer. She has quite a lot of hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy to her credit. While speaking to Oprah Winfrey, she openly declared that she would never marry in her life as that would curb her from reaching new heights in her professional life.

16. Harper Lee

She might have had a successful professional career being the author of one of the bestselling books ever, To Kill a Mockingbird. However, Harper Lee had a very secretive personal life – a life that not many people had access to. She never married anybody in her life though she did date a few men.

17. Jane Austen

Jane Austen is the woman who gave us the unforgettable classic, Pride & Prejudice. It is believed that Austen fell in love with Tom Lefroy but couldn’t marry him for various reasons. This left her disheartened, and she never married anybody else in her lifetime.

18. Elizabeth I of England

Being the last queen of the Tudor Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth I of England chose to remain a virgin her entire life for the bright future of her country. She ruled for forty years, and her country experienced stability, thanks to her selfless decision.

19. Susan Anthony

One of the earliest feminist and revolutionaries that America had ever seen, Susan Anthony, was against men having the upper hand in marriage. She always lobbied for women’s rights and never married anybody.

20. Dare Wright

Dare Wright was not only an author but a world-famous model and photographer. After the love of her life, a pilot was killed, she chose to remain single all her life, before dying a lonely death in her apartment.

21. Helena Bonham Carter

English actress Helena Bonham Carter split from Tim Burton after 13 years of being together. The couple had two children together but was never married. Helena told the world that she would never marry because she wanted to focus more on her work.

22. Chelsea Handler

Famous TV star, Chelsea Handler once uttered a controversial statement that marriage was equivalent to murder. She did go back on her words later and changed her stance on marriage. However, we doubt if she would ever walk down the aisle!

23. Kristin Davis

Melrose Place actress Kristin Davis has a full-fledged career, an adopted daughter and animal rights work to keep her hands full. She said that she had no time for marriage and that she was happy in her personal space.

24. Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei won the prestigious Oscar at a young age. In spite of early success and bundles of talent, she decided to stay single. She also wondered why women needed a husband and kids to complete their existence. Quite deep, indeed!

25. Monica Lewinsky

It is quite unfortunate that Monica Lewinsky is known more for her previous affair with the then US President, Clinton, than for her volunteering and charity works, but that’s the way life goes! After this controversial phase in her life, Lewinsky decided not to get married ever and is an active participant to stop cyberbullying today.

The feeling of love or care cannot be influenced by marriage, as most of these stories tell us, isn’t it? A legal certificate or a lavish ceremony cannot determine the extent of your love for your partner. In the end, marriage is a personal choice, and people can choose it if they are ready to provide a lifetime commitment to their spouses.

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