25 Mysterious Places Not Everyone Is Allowed To See

The world has existed long enough to hold it’s own secrets and mysteries. There are places where no one is allowed to see because of the possible dangers it upholds as well as the secrets not everyone is entitled to know.

Let me take you on a trip to some of the world’s most mysterious and forbidden places.

1).  Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum, Ethiopia

It is well known that St. Mary of Zion is where they crown Ethiopian royalty. This church is said to carry the original tablet of the Ten Commandments written by God. It is called the Ark of the Convent.
Research claims that there is a church somewhere in Ethiopia where weaponed monks guard it. The head monk, sworn to confine his whole life to this church until he dies, is the only person who can view the biblical treasure.


2).  Lascaux Caves In France

It is home to history’s best records of 17,000 years old Paleolithic cave paintings ever to be discovered. The drawings depict images of large animals further backing the authenticity of fossils. However, order to shut the caves down to the public to prevent further fungal outbreaks to people coming and going inside the caves. Only scientists are allowed to enter the cave for research purposes.


3). Vatican Secret Archives In Italy

Considered as one of the most forbidden places on earth, the Vatican Secret Archives contains private documents that the church has accumulated over the years.It wasn’t until the reign of Pope Leo XIII when highly skilled researchers are allowed to enter and conduct studies under stringent limitations.


4). Area 51 In Nevada, United States

This place is impenetrable with its full defenses and high restrictions. The strict security has sparked stories of the area holding alien technology that fell from space while some believe that this is where they develop experimental aircraft. The place is still a part of Edwards Air Force in the Nevada Desert.

5). Poveglia, Italy

This island is known as one of the most haunted places on earth. Some say that the ghost of a murderous asylum doctor, war victims, and plague victims roam the decaying ex-psychiatric grounds. Poveglia has a long history, from being a fort, checkpoint, quarantine station, and into an Asylum. It was closed down in the year 1968 and abandoned shortly after.

6). Ise Grand Shrine In Uji-Tachi, Japan

The shrine is known to be home of the Japanese “Sacred Mirror” or the Yata no Kagami. This artifact plays a massive role in the Shinto belief about life and renewal. Hidden behind a fence and thatched roofs, Ise Grand Shrine consists of two main shrines and about 12 secondary shrines inside. Placed in the Mie prefecture of Uji-Tachi town in Japan to honor the goddess Amaterasu-omikami. No one is allowed to enter this holy ground except the high priests and priestesses in the royal bloodline.


7). Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China

Qin Shi Huan is the first Chinese emperor who died in 210 BC; his tomb consists of over 2,000 clay statues. The Chinese believe that this will be of help to the late emperor in his afterlife. The sculptures include copies of his family, servants, armies, and horses. It is known collectively as the Terracotta Army, and each of them is unique. The government has chosen to respect the ancient burial rites and forbid entrance to the main room of the grounds.

8). Snake Island In Sao Paulo, Brazil

This island is considered to be the deadliest in the world. It is home to almost 4,000 snakes that freely roam its 110 acres of land. An estimated amount of five snakes per square meter is the reason why it is uninhabited by humans. A specie of snake called as the Golden Lancehead inhabits the island and is known to be the most venomous in the world. It can melt human flesh and is scientifically studied to be 3-5 times stronger than the average snake. All the more reason to mark this place as off-limits!

9). Transylvania, Romania

You can find the Bran Castle towering upon the eerie air that blows through the medieval steeples and echoes of church bell amidst the mist-topped mountains of Transylvania. Some say that the bloodthirsty king, Vlad the Impaler and the original Nosferatu, Count Dracula are both associated with the Citadel where it eerily stands at the edge of the Wallachia forest.

10). Spy Museum In Nanjing, China

Known as the Jiangsu national Security Education Museum, it exhibits collections of miniature cameras, wiretaps, and tiny pistols that are said to be too sensitive for foreigners to see. Only Chinese people are allowed to go inside but are restricted to take photos.

11). The Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

A Scottish Baronial style hotel dressed in fir trees and the Canadian Rockies, a stone throw away from the iconic ski fields of Jasper and Banff makes this a must go destination. But it holds tales of a massacred family in room 873 and people who vanish into thin air. It has been the source of many ghost stories and mysterious happenings over the years.

12). Crooked Forest In Szczecin, Poland

A clutch of 400 pine trees has grabbed the attention of travelers and investigators over the years. The trees inside this small forest are somehow bent to almost 90 degrees by the trunk and twisting straight up again into the sky. Theories about the forests have caused heated debates among researchers where some are saying of a specific growing technique while some think that it is because of torrential snowstorms.

13). Mount Weather Doomsday Bunker In Virginia, USA

A bunker was reportedly big enough to house its fire and police department. A retired Mount Weather engineer has described the place to be capable of providing a sustainable lifestyle in the post-apocalyptic world. No one is allowed to enter this place except politicians and leaders.

14). North Sentinel island In Bay of Bengal Indian Ocean

A few attempted visits to this island have caused the government to banoutsiders to enter. This decree is to protect both the tribes and the people who may come across them.The people living here are said to be 50-400, and that tribe reject outside contact and are ready to kill if someone refuses to stay away.

15). Dulce Base In New Mexico, USA

This base is allegedly home to human-alien, human-animal hybrids and advanced technologies. It is a small town inhabited by over 2,600 residents. They say that it has massive underground facilities where they develop extra-terrestrial technologies and experiments.

16). White’s Gentleman Club In London

A gentleman’s club for the elite and royalty, it has been rumored to have opened its doors to Queen Elizabeth II for a quick visit in 1991 despite its all-male restrictions. This club is where exclusive members host their parties with an extensive menu, gaming tables, bar and so much more.

17). Mezhgorye In Russia

This base is rumored to hold remotely activated automatic missiles while being guarded by two battalions. No one is allowed to visit this nuclear missile site. The location of this closed town is under the Southern Ural Mountains of Russia.

18). Chichen Itza Pyramid In Mexico

It is considered as some of the world’s famous Mayan Ruins and has attracted millions of visitors every year, but the government has sent an order to forbid entrance to the most iconic site called the El Castillo pyramid in 2006 after a woman died inside.

19). Bhangarh Fort In Rajasthan, India

A 17th-century citadel and an officially declared haunted place by the country’s government. They have prohibited tourists from seeing the fort because there have been reports of missing travelers who tried to enter the area.

20). Pravcicka Brana, Czech Republic

Holding the record as the most massive sandstone arch in Europe, it has been one of the most famous natural landmarks of the republic. Thousands of tourists came to see the place but were then put to a halt by the government in 1982 to avoid further erosion. Worries of disintegration have grown as it continues to show sign of future collapse.

21). Diego Garcia, British Overseas Territory, UK

An atoll in the Central Indian ocean just south of the equator, its residents were evicted by the British government in the year 1973 or the purpose of building a massive military base. It was then announced to be off-limits to anyone but officials.

22). Surtsey, Iceland

It is the youngest island in the world formed by a volcanic eruption, which lasted from 1963 to 1967. Only a small group of scientists are allowed to research to allow natural ecological maturity on this island.

23. Metro 2, Russia

A highly classified underground railway system built under the renaissance of Stalin. It is said to connect government and administrative institutions like the General Staff Academy, Kremlin, Zheltovsky’s house, and the Vnukovo-2 Airport. Metro-2 or codename D-6 is said to be parallel to the underground public system of Moscow, Russia.

24. Woomera Test Range, Australia

Covering a landmass of 122,000 sq km, Woomera Test Range is considered to be the most massive testing range in the world. The test range is closed for the public eye to see but it features an on-site museum along with other attractions open for visitors.

25). The Coca-Cola vault in Georgia, USA

corporate giant, Coca-Cola keeps its formula closely guarded inside its vault at the World of Coca-Cola Museum. This legendary secret represents 125 years of history with the iconic beverage.

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