25 Women Celebrities Of 1980s And Today

There are a lot of talented and gorgeous women in Hollywood. But it takes more than the face, body, and talent to get the longevity that everyone wants in this business. You have to be extra special to keep a career in showbiz for a very long time. And these women definitely have what it takes. Here are the great actresses in Hollywood from the ‘80s who are still active in the business.

1. Meryl Streep

Then: Streep started performing on Broadway in the ‘70s. Her first film called “Deadliest Season” debuted in 1977. She got her first awards in the Golden Globes and the Academy for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance as Joanna in the movie “Kramer v Kramer”

Now: Celebrated as one of the greatest actresses in history, Streep now has the record of the most nominations for an actress in the Academy Awards, in which she won three of them.

2. Cybill Shepherd

Then: Cybill grew up in a small country town in Tennessee. She started her career as a model right after she won in a beauty pageant. Her acting career kicked off in 1971 as she debuted in “The Last Picture Show” by Peter Bogdanovich.
Now: After she took a break in her career right after she had her first child, Shepherd made a comeback in 1983 and made her TV series debut in Fantasy island. She was made popular in her performance with Bruce Willis in the show “Moonlighting”. She continued to take on a producer role in the past decade.

3. Raquel Welch

Then: Welch kicked off her career with a bang as she was taken as an international sex symbol in the ‘60s for her role in the film “One Million Years B.C.” Hers was one of the most iconic sexy roles in the history of Hollywood. She went on to make several films, one she was popularly known for was her role in the movie “The Three Musketeers”.

Now: Racquel also made great TV series such as the Hispanic-oriented “American Family”. Her latest projects was a movie she made in 2006 called “Forget About It.”

4. Ali Macgraw

Then: Ali’s first exposure into the world of show business was through appearances in commercials in the ‘60s. She started to make a name for herself in the industry with her role as Jenny in the 1970 film “Love Story”. After that, she started to get projects left and right.
Now: She had a lot of projects in TV – “Convoy”, “Players”, and “Dynasty”. Her latest performance was a reunion with Ryan O’Neal, her “Love Story” co-star, in the production of “Love Letters” which was in 2016.

5. Jacqueline Bisset

Then: Bisset captured the eyes of the world when she first appeared in the film “The Detective” as Norma Maclver. From there, her acting career kept soaring with her ending the decade with 17 movies all in all.
Now: Following her very successful career in the ‘70s, Jacqueline continued to appear in several films and TV shows. Her most recent one was in a 2015 film “Miss You Already” with Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore.

6. Carrie Fisher

Then: Famous for her role as Princess Leia in the massive Hollywood Franchise “Star Wars”, Fisher has definitely invaded a lot of teenage boys’ fantasies – especially with her iconic Golden Bikini in one of the scenes of the popular sci-fi movie. She also made several movies after the third instalment of the Franchise was filmed.

Now: Carrie was making a comeback with the film as it was being rebooted for additional films in the series. Unfortunately, Fisher died from a heart attack last December 2016. She was 60 years old.

7. Olivia Newton John

Then: Every Broadway junkie in the 70’s knows Olivia for her role as Sandy in the popular film adaptation of Grease. As she is first a singer before she’s an actress, most of her career was spent in the Music industry.

Now: Olivia is still active in the industry, doing some touring in the international stage. She did a single in 2015 featuring her daughter, Chloe, who has inherited her love for music.

8. Cheryl Ladd

Then: Another singer-actress who made it big in Hollywood is Cheryl Ladd who debuted as an actress in the popular series “Charlie’s Angels”. But she obviously loved music more than she loved film making. She made 3 more albums after her first single turned out to be a hit.

Now: In her later years, Cheryl was more exposed into acting. In fact, she recently played a role in “The People v. OJ Simpson” – a hit TV mini series in 2016.

9. Kate Jackson

Then: Another actress who debuted as one of Charlie’s Angels is Kate Jackson. She was known for her role as Sabrina. She continued to make several other TV series.

Now: Kate isn’t that much exposed in the acting business in the past few years but she’s currently writing a book which she plans to release in 2020. <

10. Sophia Loren

Then: Sophia is one of the actresses who really started small and gradually worked her way up the ladder of success. She started young and did some insignificant roles until she got her big break with her role as Cesira in the hit film “Two Women.” This performance got her an Oscar for Best Actress.

Now: She is now spending a lot of her time travelling between Switzerland and Los Angeles but her last performance was in 2009 in the musical “Nine” opposite to the amazing Daniel Day-Lewis.

11. Christie Brinkley

Then: Aside from actors and filmmakers, Hollywood is also for supermodels like Christie Brinkley. She gained fame after doing 3 covers of the popular Sports Illustrated magazine.

Now: 25 years after her debut as a model, Christie remains gorgeous as ever. In fact, she sis another Sports Illustrated cover at the age of 63.

12. Linda Gray

Then: Linda started her career as a body double for a few actresses. She got her break when she did the role Sue Ellen in the classic film “Dallas”. She did several movies after that. “Hidden Moon” and “The Entertainers” are just two of the films that she did.

Now:  Her latest appearance on TV was in the series “Hollyoaks” when she did an episode in 2016 with her role as Tabby Maxwell-Brown.

13. Dawn Wells

Then: Not a lot of actors get their biggest break on their first job, but Dawn is one of the few who did. She played a part as Mary Ann Summers on one of CBS’s biggest hits of all time, Gilligan’s Island. The show aired in 1964 and Dawn hasn’t been unemployed since. 40 years since her debut as an actress Dawn has also become a regular in the theaters – appearing in over 66 theatrical productions.

Now: Most of Dawn’s career was spent in the theatre. But recently, she published a book entitled, “What Would Mary Ann Do? A Guide to Life.”

14). Lauren Hutton

Then:Ever wondered how Hollywood stars can pull off even the most obvious imperfections such as the gap-tooth? Well, Lauren kind of started the trend. She’s a sought-after model who did a cover for Vogue for 27 times. She also appeared in the 1974 file, “The Gambler”.

Now: Lauren’s career was a tug-of-war between modeling and acting. Her latest acting role was in the 2013 film, “The Joneses”, starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny.

15. Dolly Parton

Then: Dolly Parton had an early start in show business. She started recording at a label at 13. In 1970, she had her biggest break when her song “Joshua” made it to #1: It was followed by some of her most popular songs, “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You”.

Now: At 70, Dolly is still very active in the industry. In fact, in 2016, she did her biggest US Tour in her entire career when she performed in 60 cities all around the country.

16.Chris Evert

Then: Chris Evert is one of the biggest name in the history of sports. Her first World Championship win was in 1974, at a very young age of 16. She won the championship for another six years after that.

Now: Chris is still active in the industry through her successful line of tennis apparel designed for women. She also opened an academy in Florida where young tennis players can learn and master the sport.

17. Catherine Bach

Then: Ever wondered where the reference “Daisy Dukes” came from? Well, it was actually from Catherine’s character in the popular TV series, “The Dukes of Hazard”. Bach didn’t have any major roles after the series ended but she maintained her career by appearing in low-profile films since then.

Now: 40 years since she started in the business, Catherine is still making appearances in several TV series. Some of her latest roles were in “Hawaii Five-O”, “Monk”, and a film called “You Again”

18. Carly Simon

Then: Carly started making a name for herself in the music industry in 1971 with her self-titled album. Her greatest hit is the song “You’re so Vain”, which was released in 1972, a couple years after she married James Taylor.

Now: Carly isn’t doing much in the industry these days but she recently released a memoir in 2015 called “Boys in the Trees: A Memoir”, which documents details of her life from when she was a little girl until her marriage to Taylor.

19. Agnetha Faltskog

Then: Agnetha was part of the popular Swedish group, ABBA – one of the pillars in the music industry. Their songs “Dancing Queen” and “Thank you for the Music” are two of very popular classics. Agnetha started a solo career when ABBA disbanded in the 80’s.

Now: Her solo career achieved moderate success. She’s doing a lot of songwriting and has kept a low profile in Sweden. She recently released a biography, “Agnetha Faltskog: The Girl with the Golden Hair.”

20. Lynda Carter

Then: If you enjoyed Gal Gadot’s latest portrayal of the famous “Wonder Woman”, you would’ve loved Lynda’s performance for it way back in 1975. Aside from acting, Carter had a successful singing career as well, with two of her song being features in some episodes of Wonder Woman.

Now: To this day, Lynda is maintaining a career in Television. Her latest appearance was for a role in the CW series “Supergirl”.

21. Talia Shire

Then: Talia was born into a family of artists which led her to a career in showbiz. She is popularly known for her characters, Connie Corleone in “The Godfather” saga, and Adrian Balboa in “Rocky”. Both performances earned her nominations in the Academy Awards.

Now: Talia hasn’t been doing a lot of acting lately but she appeared in a movie directed by her son, Robert Schwartzman, called “Dreamland”.

22. Carol Kane

Then: Carol’s career kicked off in the 70’s. She got her first nomination in the Golden Globes for her role in the film “Hester Street”. This performance earned her a role in the famous Woody Allen film, “Annie Hall.”

Now: Kane continued to grab roles in big films like “The Princess Bride”. Most of her career was spend in Broadway with her role in the popular musical, “Wicked”.

23. Marilu Henner

Then: Marilu started her career in showbusiness as a model. Her acting career began when she took part in the Broadway Musical, “Grease”. She became popular in the sitcom “Taxi” with her role as Elaine Nardo.

Now: Marilu had a respectable career as an actress. She also wrote several books. Her latest published work is called “Changing Normal: How I Helped My Husband Defeat Cancer.”

24. Ellen Burstyn

Then: Starting her career as a model, Ellen didn’t get her break until she was 40 years old. It was the lead role in “The Last Picture Show” which earned her a nomination for Golden Globe and the Academy.

Now: Ellen is a great actress who made chilling performances for amazing roles in various films. Today, she’s still very active in the business, with two of her most recent roles in the movies. “The Age of Adaline” and “Interstellar.”

25. Lorraine Gary

Then: When it comes to talent, Lorraine Gary is undoubtedly a natural. Although she showed her incredible acting skills at a young age, Gary pursued a political science major first. She then came back in the business and started catching people’s attention with her role in the popular series “Jaws”.

Now: She hasn’t done any acting roles after the comeback film, “Jaws: The Revenge”. Lorraine is getting her hands busy with her role in human rights and women’s rights committees.

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