26 Unique Animals You Never Thought Existed

The planet earth is such a beautiful place for living. It’s nurturing air, refreshing water and healthy soil makes it the perfect environment for creatures to flourish. No wonder it has countless species living all around it.

Find yourself dumbfounded in this list of unique animals that all unbelievably exists:

1.Red-lipped Batfish

A Galapagos island resident, it uses its pectoral fins to walk on the bottom of the ocean. The reason is that these fishes are terrible swimmers.

2.Sea Pig

A deep-sea creature and a deposit feeder, Scotoplanes enjoy a habitat under the sea of over 1000 meters. They are consumers of organic particles that they excavate from the mud.

3.Goblin Shark

The goblin shark lives 330 feet below and is considered a living fossil. It is the only descendant of the Mitsukurinidae family and usually grows to 100.58 m long.

4.Mangalitsa Pig

An adorable wooly pig that could pass off as a household pet but has never gotten the chance to prove itself.  It’s discovery happened in the mid-19th century.

5.The Panda Ant

Panda Ants are members of the Mutilidae family and is considered a wasp. Females don’t have wings and come off as a big hairy ant. The specie has painful stings and has the nickname of cow ant or cow killer.


Don’t mistake it as a zebra because this type of mammal is more closely related to giraffes. It is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa.

7.Abyssinian Ground Hornbill

This beautiful bird resides in the northern part of the equator. An African resident with modified feathers as eyelashes to protect their eyes from debris. Males have red pouches in the throat while females have blue ones.

8.Rhinopithecus or Golden Snub-nosed Monkey

A member of the Colobinae subfamily, these ADorable creatures prefer temperate and mountainous forest as their natural habitat. They live in the central and southwest part of China.

9.Penis Snake

It is called an Atretochoana eiselti, and it is an amphibian. It’s eyeless flat he AD, and the fleshy dorsal fin is why it was called the Penis Snake.

10.Thorny Dragon

11.Ground Pangolin

Pangonils are known to have hard shells which it uses to protect itself from any danger. An ADorable trait of the species is that it can use its hind legs to stand on two feet.

12.Emperor Tamarin

This specie got its name from the German emperor Wilhelm II. Their habitats are in the southwest Amazon Basin, west Brazilian states of Acre, east Peru, Amazonas and northern Bolivia. They live in social groups of 4 to 20 individuals consisting of a single breeding pair that will last up to several generations.

13.Umbonia Spinosa

These are thorn bugs with an appearance that baffles scientists up until now. They are a cousin to cic ADas and have beaks that they use to pierce plant stems and feed on their sap.


It is a bird with a beak shaped like shoes while closely resembling a stork. Ancient Egyptians and Arabs have long known about its existence, but there was no information filed about it until the 19th century.

15.Irraw ADdy Dolphin

It can be found swimming along with its discontinuous subpopulation in some parts of the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia. They grow of up to 7.5 feet long and 290 pounds heavy and is part of the Euryhaline species.

16.Patagonian Mara

A herbivorous, large rodent of the mara genus and often found in semi-open habitats in large parts of Patagonia and Argentina.

17.Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

This astonishing specie is a hawk-moth that feeds on the nectars of flowers and makes a humming sound. It looks and sounds almost exactly like a hummingbird.

18.Mantis Shrimp

This species is known to have claws that are so powerful they can break through aquarium glasses. They use it in the wild to dismember, stun and spear their prey.

19.Blue Footed Bobby

These species are marine birds that live off the subtropical and tropical parts found in the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is a member of the Sula genus.

20.Glaucus Atlanticus

It is a species of blue sea slugs with sacs filled with gas. This trait allows them to float around the surface. People call it the “Blue Dragon.”

21.Bush Viper

It is a venomous nocturnal snake that hunts in the trees at night. Also called Atheris, a genus known carry de ADly poison.

22.Malayan Colugo

The Malayan Colugo or the Sunda Flying Lemur is a species of colugo. It doesn’t fly; it glides, is nocturnal and strictly arboreal.

23.Venezuelan Poodle Moth

It is a newly found moth that gained its fame after a  photograph by Dr. Arthur Anker from Kyrgyzstan. A Venezuelan native and a candidate for the lepidopteran genus called Artace.

24.Pink Fairy Arm ADillo

Pichiciegos are the smallest species of arm ADillos. It has an ADorable external appearance with hard shells. They primarily eat on ants and larvae.


Lampreys are jawless fish of the Petromyzontiformes order; it has a funnel-sucking like a mouth. They are carnivorous and feed by sucking on other fish’s blood.

26.Dumbo Octopus

It is probably the cutest one on this list with its dumbo like appearance. It got the name because it has prominent ear-like fins. They are scientifically referred to as Grimpoteuthis and is considered to be a genius of the pelagic umbrella octopuses.

Do you know other rare species? Comment down below.

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