28 Adorable Animals That Can Actually Kill You

1. Leopard Seal

Leopard Seals are cute and all but their fangs are sharp enough to impale you. They have an overall excellent temperament and are mostly non-violent, but there have been reports of researchers getting attacked by them. So take extra caution when they are around.

2. Cassowary

A beautiful bird with a very low temperament, do not disturb them because if you do, you cannot outrun them. They use sharp claws and would most probably attempt to disembowel you.

3. Slow Loris

It’s innocent looking eyes, and small hands make them seem like the perfect pet but beware because this animal excretes poison that can cause anaphylactic shocks.

It comes out from the sides of their elbows. Then they mix it with their saliva. From there, they put it on their fur to protect themselves.

4. Big Cats

4. Big Cats4

Cats have the most adorable features, but they are also very deadly too. All of the big cats would eat you if given a chance and with their strength and sharp teeth& claws, they can rip you apart in no time.

5. Puffer fish

Even though it looks harmless and incapable of violence, the pufferfish is the second most poisonous vertebrate in the animal kingdom. Its poison paralyzes the diaphragm leaving the victim unable to breathe. There has been no antidote so far.

6. Bears

You probably grew up with a stuffed version of this animal and have always thought of it as a non-violent creature. Well, that’s where you are wrong. Bears are the only animals that are known to hunt for humans pro-actively and will kill you if given a chance.

7. Panda

Who doesn’t adore pandas? Pandas are symbols of peace and kindness. They are usually non-violent animals, but once they sense danger or feel that you are trespassing their territory, they can hurt you.

8. Poison Dart Frogs

Here’s an amphibian that gets mixed reactions from people. Some think it’s cute, and some think it’s gross but what matters is the fact that some species of frogs can be very poisonous. Tribes use this frog to make poisoned weapons.

9. Blue Ringed Octopus

Do not be deceived by its cute blue rings and little suction cups under its tentacles because this type of invertebrate is highly venomous with no antidote to cure it. It can kill a full adult human within minutes.

10. Giant Anteater

The small eyes, long snout and furry body of the giant anteater may come off as harmless to most people, but their claws and teeth are sharp enough to disembowel humans if they feel threatened.

11. Tasmanian Devil

People usually underestimate them for their funny and cartoonish features, but it helps to be careful when they are around. They have sharp fangs that can dart through your body parts.

12. Wolverine

It might be an adorable animal but run away as soon as you this animal because if it can destroy prey as large as a moose, it can very much rip you to pieces.

13. Pfeffer’s Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Stay away from this charming cutie because its poison is lethal and is as dangerous as the blue-ringed octopus.

14. Gila Monster


A reptile that is arguably adorable to some but don’t get too close because it packs a dangerous dose of venom.

15. Elephant

We all know how peaceful elephants are but with their strength, size and tusks, they can hurt humans and even kill them too.

16. Africanized Honey Bees

Known as one of the most aggressive species of bees, they will not stop swarming their victims as long as they can.

17. Monkeys and Apes

Their almost humanlike appearance and behaviors are what makes it adorable, but it has been known to kill humans through diseases and in some cases, brute force.

18. Dolphins

This information might be a surprise to a lot of people, but Dolphins are intelligent enough to kill for no reason just like humans.

19. Rhinoceros

This unpredictable specie is known for its sharp horns, brute strength and massive body. It will impale you if you show even a single sign of aggressiveness.

20. Lions

With its strength, size, sharp teeth and claws, we don’t stand a chance against them. Lucky for us they don’t hunt humans.

21. Boomslangs

Here’s another reptile on the list that people have mixed opinions with, but its small size makes this little critter come off as harmless. Just a tiny drop of this cute snake’s venom is enough to make you bleed anywhere blood can come out.

22. Hyenas

They might have a resemblance to dogs but trust that they are way different than them. They will attack you just like how they will attack anything that breathes.

23. Hippopotamus

Hippos are very strong and are known to grow to massive sizes. They are mostly peaceful, but their seemingly kind disposition is what made them responsible for more human deaths than any other mammals.

24. Caiman Crocodiles

Just like any other crocodiles, they are fatal to humans, but this specific specie can kill a fully grown adult with one good snap of its jaws.

5. Wolves

Most people see wolves as dangerous animals. It is true that they can kill you but only if you provoke them. Outside of that, they will mind their own pack’s business.

6. Freshwater Snails

They are small, slow, non-poisonous and no sharp claws. Why are they here on the list? They carry schistosomiasis, which are parasitic flatworms that will live off your urinary tract and intestines.

Symptoms include diarrhea, blood in the urine and bloody stool.

27. Swan

They are a symbol of romance, elegance, and beauty but if you threaten them, they will attack you and kill you by drowning you.

28. Dogs

It’s hard to admit but man’s best friend is the cause of more than 25,000 deaths per year. Dogs have killed more than sharks and any other animals through rabies alone.

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