30 Celebs Unrecognizable After Plastic Surgery Looks

Hollywood celebrities will do anything to stay young, or risk losing their careers. Cosmetic surgery often comes to mind, but it’s no sip from the Fountain of Youth as many would like to believe. These 30 celebrities prove you can look completely different after plastic surgery… in a horrifying and shocking sort of way

1). Renée  Zellweger

Things have never been the same for Renée Zellweger. Since her public appearance at Elle’s Women in Hollywood Awards, the actress looked nothing like the adorable Bridget Jones we’ve come to love on-screen. Renée continues to deny rumors that she went under the knife, and says she owes her new look to a happy and more fulfilling life.
“I’m glad folks think I look different… perhaps it shows,” she told People magazine. If she meant the Botox, it shows alright.

2). Caitlyn Jenner

Since publicly outing herself as a transgender woman, Bruce (who now goes by the name of Caitlyn Jenner) has undergone some surgeries to look more feminine. These procedures include facial feminization, breast augmentation, lip fillers, and a facelift amounting to more than $120,000. Last year, Caitlyn had fully transitioned after having gender reassignment surgery.

3). Priscilla Presley

The widowed wife of Elvis Presley had silicone injected into her cheeks. Years later, it turned out that her surgeon practiced without a license. Dr. Daniel Serrano was convicted of malpractice in 2006, but the damage had been done. Priscilla is left with a puffy and wax-like face. After a series of Botox and laser treatments, her appearance has slightly improved but is nowhere near the woman Elvis married.

4). Jennifer Grey

The Dirty Dancing actress had an iconic face. That is until she decided to have a nose job. She lost the bump on her nose which was the only defining feature on her face, similar to Cindy Crawford’s mole or Julia Roberts’ lips. Years later, Jennifer Grey reveals she regrets her decision.
“It was the nose job from hell,” she told The Mirror.

5). Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers is known for bringing us hits like “Lucille” and “Through the Years.” But the singer-songwriter can only be recognized for his voice now that he looks different. Kenny lost his signature smile and deep eyes to plastic surgery, which left him with unnaturally tight eyelids. He admits that Dolly Parton inspired him to undergo surgery.

6). Katie Price

The famous TV personality visits cosmetic surgeons every year to have work done on her face and body. So far she’s had liposuction, a nose job, five boob jobs, Botox, and facial fillers. Last September’s botched surgery may have finally convinced her to stop.
“This is the last time I will have surgery on my face,” she remarks after recently undergoing a procedure to fix the last one.

7). Lara Flynn Boyle

Fear of aging has made Lara Flynn Boyle unrecognizable. She used to be one of Hollywood’s hottest women until she began altering her face with a string of surgeries. Her appearance started to change noticeably in early 2000 when she was dating Jack Nicholson. It has only gotten worse since then.

8). Lil’ Kim

Kimberly Denise Jones or Lil’ Kim is one of few American artists who’s had drastic changes. When the rapper graced the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013, no one recognized her. Sadly, the nightmarish makeover didn’t stop there. Three years later and she shocked us with her light skin and blonde hair. Guess she’s trying to look like a plastic Barbie.

9). Rose McGowan

In the early years of her career, Rose McGowan charmed us with her beautiful face. So when the Jawbreaker star looked slightly different, she was plagued by rumors of plastic surgery. She denied it, saying she had reconstructive surgery after getting into a car accident. But in her recent book titled ‘Brave,’ she admits to having facial reconstruction after a surgeon accidentally punctured the skin under her right eye. It happened during a corrective procedure meant to fix a sinus problem.

10). Heidi Montag

The reality TV star underwent ten plastic surgeries in a single day, which included a mini brow lift, cheek injections, chin reduction, ear tucking, and buttocks augmentation. Heidi Montag also had two nose jobs, two breast augmentations, and liposuction on her neck, waist, hips, and inner thighs at the age of 24. She now regrets having surgery, saying that parts of her body looked worse than before.

11). Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan was Hollywood’s girl next door in the 90s, having appeared in movies like Kate & Leopold, City of Angels, and Sleepless in Seattle. Her face was gorgeous as it is until she came to the 2016 Tony Awards with dramatic changes. It’s likely that she’s had rhinoplasty, cheek fillers, and a facelift.

12). Nikki Cox

Another 90s actress who had plastic surgery is Nikki Cox. If it weren’t for her pretty face, the TV series Unhappily Ever After would have been completely forgotten in Hollywood history. Years later she appeared in Las Vegas with some obvious modifications. Even though Nikki doesn’t look half as bad as other celebrities on this list, you have to admit she’s less stunning now.

13). Mickey Rourke

Angel Heart actor Mickey Rourke used to have a soft face that could be likened to angels. Today, he looks more like the villainous actors he starred against. Mickey suffered injuries during his career as a boxer and had to undergo reconstructive surgery. Based on rumors, he’s had facelifts and hair transplants. Mickey revealed in an interview that he went to “the wrong guy” for plastic surgery.

14). Pete Burns

The late Pete Burns stirred the 80’s music scene with his pop band, Dead or Alive. They continued to make waves up until the 90s with songs like “You Spin Me Round” and “I’m a Star.” As their songs evolved, so did Pete’s face change over the years. By the time he died from cardiac arrest at 57, he’s had four nose jobs, cheek implants, lip fillers, and enough Botox to be mistaken for a woman with a swollen face.

15). Janice Dickinson

A retired supermodel and former judge of America’s Next Top Model, Janice Dickinson used to be addicted to plastic surgery until her son Nathan urged her to stop. By that time, she’d already spent more than $100,000 on breast enhancement, tummy tucks, liposuction, cheek implants, facelifts, and various other procedures. A quick look at her recent pictures shows she is no more than a shadow of her former, glamorous self.

16). Lark Voorhies

Lark was famous for playing Lisa Turtle in NBC’s hit series Saved by the Bell. Sadly, her acting career didn’t go far. The once-college sweetheart resorted to numerous surgeries and treatments. Word quickly spread that she received skin bleaching, facelifts, and Botox. According to Lark’s mother, the troubled actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
“When I saw her… it wasn’t the Lark I knew,” Dustin Diamond told People after seeing her often stare into space.

17). Jackie Stallone

Thanks to cosmetic surgery, Hollywood A-Lister Sylvester Stallone looks dashing at age 71. He went under the knife for medical reasons and didn’t have much work done besides Botox. We couldn’t say the same for his mom who received Juvederm – a controversial filler that mangled countless celebrity faces beyond recognition. Jackie blames plastic surgery for making her look like a chipmunk gobbling on walnuts.

18.)Wayne Newton

Carson Wayne Newton was a sought-after jazz singer in Las Vegas. Earning the titles Mr. Las Vegas, Mr. Entertainment, and Midnight Idol, he was famous for his smooth voice and suave look. But like many aging artists that cared overmuch for their physical features, he undertook plastic surgery. Subsequent facelifts, lip injections, cheek fillers, eyelid surgery, and Botox complete Newton’s bizarre look. Beady eyes, plump cheeks, and pouty lips give the impression of a face stuck in cling wrap.

19). Donatella Versace

Trendsetting Donatella Versace is the Mother of Duck Faces. The high fashion designer as a pair of unflattering, puffed up lips which surgeons call a “trout pout.” In addition to lip fillers, Donatella has received nose jobs and multiple facelifts. Her waxy skin is also rumored to have been caused by laser treatments.

20). Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is one of the better-looking celebrities on our list. Though in recent photos, the talented woman and wife of singer-songwriter Ozzy Osbourne looks less like herself. In her book Unbreakable, Sharon candidly spoke of the plastic surgeries she went through. Among them was a procedure that tightened her vagina and which she described as excruciatingly painful.

21). Tara Reid

The blonde bombshell became famous after starring in American Pie back in the 90s. Everything changed when she fell victim to two botched surgeries in 2004. The procedures, which included breast implants and body contouring liposuction, turned into a nightmare for then-28-year-old Tara. She developed a hernia that turned a previously flat abdomen into a rippled “bulgy thing.” Thankfully, the actress has fully recovered.

22). Joan Rivers

The stand-up comedian and TV personality had previously admitted receiving multiple plastic surgeries. Not that she needed to say anything. It showed on her waxen face and barely-there expressions. Joan Rivers talks about her nose job, eye lifts, and breast enhancement in her book, A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery.

23). Melanie Griffith

The American actress used to deny rumors that she had plastic surgery, in spite of obvious changes on her face. But in 2016, a remorseful Melanie Griffiths finally opened up about it. In an interview with E! News, it was revealed she was oblivious to the drastic changes in her appearance. Melanie said she didn’t notice until people started talking.

24).  Jocelyn Wildenstein

If there is anyone that’s taken plastic surgery too far, it has to be Jocelyn Wildenstein. The socialite had been dubbed “Lion Woman of New York” for her cat-like features. Jocelyn had her first cosmetic surgery in the 70s and didn’t stop there. By now, she’s had dozens of surgeries including chin augmentation, cheek implants, facelifts, brow lifts, lip plumping injections, eyelid surgery, and canthopexy to complete her feline look.

25). Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is one of the few lucky people on our list. The American songstress had lip injections but was fortunate they were temporary. During her interview with Glamour, Jessica admits having Restylane. The lip pumping procedure left her with unnatural pouty lips. Needless to say, she didn’t like the way they looked. Thankfully, her lips went back to normal after four agonizing months.

26). Michael Jackson

Fans began to notice changes on the King of Pop in 1988. Around that time, his distinctive African features were gone and replaced with a narrow nose and lighter skin. His pale skin turned out to be a severe case of vitiligo which caused him to lose his dark skin color. But it was evident that he underwent several surgeries on his face, lips, and nose. Michael Jackson had too much work done on his nose that it eventually fell off. Yikes! Surgeons had to reconstruct it using cartilage from his earlobes.

27). Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a rare case of plastic surgery done right. The country singer looks incredibly young for her age, though she’s had dramatic transformations to achieve her current appearance. Her entire face is the product of several cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery, facelift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, and chin augmentation. The 72-year old celebrity also admits having breast implants.

28).  Brittany Murphy

Plastic surgery can kill you, and that is exactly what happened with the Clueless actress. Brittany Murphy died young at 32. The autopsy revealed she overdosed on prescription medications which included the painkiller Vicodin. Botched cosmetic procedures have left her disfigured and in constant pain, which led to her dependence on painkillers and untimely death.

29). Courtney Love

Courtney Love was never shy about plastic surgery and admits to getting a nose job. When Goldie Hawn told her to get a facelift at 35, she didn’t waste time. During her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the former wife of the late Kurt Cobain said that while she had a good career in the 80s, she needed work done on her nose.

30). Lisa Rinna

The Melrose Place sweetheart is now in her 50s, but the actress openly speaks of her botched surgeries and warns people against them. Without knowing its effects, Lisa Rinna had Juvederm injected to her cheeks and lips when she was only 25, only to regret it. There are rumors she’s had more work done on her breasts and lips, but she denies these allegations.

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