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30 Funny Sports Pictures You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

Watching sports is a national past time. But some momentous, epic fails are not televised, so here are 30 hilarious sports fails you didn’t see during the gameplay.

1. Winter Sport Fail

What you’re seeing is a highly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, but downright hilarious as well. And there she minded her business like nothing happened.

2. Gymnastic Fails

It is quite confusing what sports these two are playing. The guy is supposed to be at the martial arts corner, and the girl should be doing a gymnastic performance.

3. Baseball Fail

Gloves are used to catch the baseball, not the mouth. This player decided to show some never before seen skills, though.

4. Pole Vaulter Fail

And while all that was happening a song in the background plays, “Everybody loves the things you, from the way you talk about the way you move. Everybody here is watching you.”

5. Swimming Fail

Swimming costumes are tight – it’s so hard to breathe, you know. And what do you do when you accidentally exposed your body while readjusting? Just keep swimming.

6. Basketball Fail

That one moment when this player wants to show off his dunking skills but end up dunking it on his face instead of the ring.

7. Skate Competition Fail

More wardrobe malfunction. We all know what’s behind that star. And thank goodness the photographer had the kindness to cover it somehow up.

8. Swimming Fail

Another sportswear malfunction is showing a guy’s bare butt. This long-distance swimmer probably received a lot of attention after this, mostly focusing on his ass.

9. Cycling Race Fail

Falling over is an opportunity to get back up. Falling over with the rest of competition is a chance to get back up and still win the race. It was a strategic play.

10. Football Fail – Women’s Version

First, why are these women wearing that kind of sports costume playing a game which requires a lot of running and tackling? This is wrong.

11. Synchronised swimming

If you’ve ever actually seen synchronized swimming, it is gorgeous. The acts and poses are smooth. This one, however, is an epic fail. And her face is hilarious.

12. Boxing Match Fail

Pacman’s opponent is clearly out of his mind already, but the heat of the moment is still raging inside. So nobody is going to stop him punch some more.

13. Football Fail

And a touchdown! You don’t expect to see football players start touching each other during gameplay.

14. Rugby Fail

What you see now is an image of rugby players, three of which are tackling the fourth player, while his exposed bottom is there for to the whole world.

15. Volleyball Fail

For one second you will think, “What’s wrong with this photo?” Well, check again. The volleyball perfectly replaced the player’s head.

16. Diving Fail

This photo is embarrassing and says a thousand words, most of them reckless. The image is crisp and so is his face.

17. Soccer Game Fail

The player thought he had the ball under his foot. Unfortunately, it is on his face. And it just broke his nose.

18. Football Fail

Football is such a manly sport. There is no negative thing we can say about the players. They are all strong and always at the right position.

19. Rugby Fail

The ultimate price for not looking at your opponent who has the ball is a hard blow to the face. His reaction is priceless. All the emotions are there – shock, pain, and the “oh man!”

20. Gymnastics Fail

This newspaper coverage of France’s Golden Girl is savage. There is no need for the arrow and “Ooh la las” when your headline is that massive.

21. Baseball Fail

A hilarious reaction at a baseball game! It is just not clear whether he is scared or being silly.

22. Hockey Game Fail

Life is too short, be different and play differently. When you are tired of using your legs to play ice hockey, change position and use your upper body.

23. Basketball Fail

A strategic gameplay also involves licking of the tallest opponent’s armpit to distract him while shooting the ball. And it sure worked in this scenario.

24. Ice Skating Fail

Remember not to eat too much before the game show, or else this will happen to you.

25. Racing Event Fail

Inappropriate touching caught on cam! But, hey look, they all seem to be enjoying the show. And the guy with a hand on his nuts seems not to care at all.

26. Motorcycle Racing Fail

It was on purpose. The motorcyclist is showing-off. No, he did not just happen to fly apart from his motorcycle. It was all a show. An exhibition.

27. Horse Riding Fail

This horse decided it just doesn’t want to jump anymore. And that’s a problem because the horse rider desperately intends to cross that fence.

28. Butt Fail

So many inappropriate touching and showing off butts in sports. This particular image is a perfect hold and drag.

29. Running Fail

This photo looks like a sing and dance duo auditioning for the X Factor. They look like they are dancing to the beat of Michael Jackson.

30. Tennis Fail

Look, mom, no eyes! Let’s all hope she hit the ball first before her hair slammed to her face. This fail is typical to any girl who plays sport and has a long, tied hair.

Photos like these are embarrassing and hilarious at the same time. Do you have one of these you’d like to share in the comments?

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