30 World’s Biggest Travel Photo Fails Ever Captured!

Every tourist has a spectacular photo saved in their phones. But, this list is far from those beautiful vacation moments. Keep reading to see 30 of world’s most historic travel photo fails.

1. All for love of…hand-standing

It is not what you think it is. Ok, it is. And it is inappropriate. But, don’t deny it is not funny at all.

2. Woman Vs. Stingray

The woman was not particularly happy about the stingray on her back. It is the reason she is never going back on that trip.

3. Elephant Slapped Man With Trunk

While the rest of the family, including the elephant, is happy, the dad is having the worst time of his life. It would be upsetting if they only had one shot.

4. What you’ll get from a cheap cruise

This image would have been a perfect family photo if the bear didn’t look like it’s drunk and the background more real.

5. Why hippo? Why naked? So many questions


There are two disasters portrayed in this photo: the hippo launching towards the old man, and the man being completely naked.

6. Um, guys, who’s thirsty?

What are you guys, six-year-olds? Group photos like this one are only hilarious when you’re five. Adults doing this is disturbing.

7. Fishing took to the next level

Epic photo fail! Is that fish even alive? It is creepy, but what makes it funny is that she’s pushing for a sexy look.

8. Human-made sea creature

This dad scaring daughter relationship is priceless. The kid seriously thought that thing coming toward her is a sea monster.

9. Couple in cruise

No one gets more real than these parents. They look like the nicest couple in cruise and knows everybody’s cabin.

10. Traveling is tiring

When you’re low on budget but still want to visit. This man owns his travel experience. He’s got his bed and pair of shoes perfectly arranged.

11. Whimsical statue of a crocodile

When you are a child, everything is scary. This poor child shed tears over an ominous-looking crocodile statue. But we can’t blame her; it doesn’t look friendly at all.

12. The greatest family

Is there a saying which says “A family that rides together, stays together?” Now, there is. Make it a family of 9 in one motorcycle.

13. Bless this kid

Can someone reassure us this kid is going to grow up just fine? Please. Somebody help this kid out.

14. People squeezing themselves like there is no tomorrow

How far will you go to get where you need to on time? Another question is: how far will this train go with a load like that?

15. Why can’t we be friends part 1

An accurate representation of “I don’t have real friends” and “I hope this doesn’t become me when I’m 80.”

16. Closing time

When you go down the bus head first and realize you’ve been doing it the wrong way this whole time.

17. Rated PG: Island for adults only

This island does not exist in reality, does it? It gives such a different connotation of adventure.

18. Why can’t we be friends part 2

“Ok, kid, shut up.” And the lady just stood there in shock. It must have been very traumatizing for her to be sucked by the elephant’s trunk.

19. D for effort

Remember kids, when they say you can build your camping tent, they mean you cannot. And this is the perfect example of how to give up.

20. Save this elephant. Please.

The man riding this sick, malnourished animal looks more capable of carrying the elephant. How dare he!

21. Is dad trying to kill his son?

While the rest of the world is raging on politics, there is a dad who is crazy enough to drag a crate with his child in it.

22. A unique idea


A beautiful tourist photo featuring the country’s flag. This photograph is such a patriotic one. She’s even holding a peace sign!

23. Chinese attractions are weird (some)

So, apparently curled poo garden is typical in China. Us? Oh boy, we don’t want to know. Or see.

24. Nobody gets left behind

Nobody gets left behind. Nobody. Not you, your friend or neighbor. But you should know that it is going to be a hell of a ride. Literally.

25. Look behind you

Fashion fails in different forms, so always be cautious about yourself especially in public. You never know who’s behind you taking photos.

26. Panda-like elephant is a crazy idea

The owners of these elephants intended for them to look cute, but failed miserably. The elephants looked horrifying.

27. Consummation of love

“Nobody is gonna stop us now.” You know, elephants just doing their thing. It is hilarious how they don’t mind the tourists on their backs.

28. We’ve all been in this kind of situation, at least not in public

Do not trust your friend when he says “right about there.” The truth is you are still a million miles away. Ok, not millions, but still far.

29. Some people are better with cameras than others

They did a creative job showcasing the beauty of the leaning tower of Pisa. This one is not appropriate, so kids, cover your eyes.

30. Sure It’s Funny

Feeling at home and comfortable, this person started peeling off her clothes exposing herself to the public.

Do you have other funny travel experience and cringe-worthy photos you want to share? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to spread this post to your friends.

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