40 Exceptional Photographs Missing In Your History Books

The school will give you countless learning and information that is useful in your future, but your chosen university cannot provide everything. Your books might be missing pieces from the history that you will not think existed. In this article, we compiled 40 exceptional photographs missing in your history books. Are you ready to have a mind-blowing good read? Let’s start the list immediately.

1. The making of Statue of Liberty.


Before the Statue of Liberty becomes an icon in New York, it has been constructed in Paris France in the 80’s. French Engineer Gustave Eiffel is the one responsible in this iconic statue together with the very famous Eiffel Tower.

2. The first diving suit invented.

The privilege to enjoy diving today is due to the efforts of Chester Macduffee. You can see him and his creation of the first diving suit made of aluminum alloy. It weighs 550 lbs. Through this invention, deep sea diving becomes possible by the year 1914. Further advancement of the diving suit led to a successful dive with a depth of 212 feet.

3. Playing chess in Soviet, Russia

Before the popularity of chess boomed as a table game played in every sports competition in the district, it is performed in Soviet, Russia using people as chess pieces. People use costumes to represent a piece where they are choreographed for combat. They are instructed where to move thru a telephone, and a match usually takes five hours to end.

4. The last photograph of Titanic before it sunk.


The photo above is the last image of Titanic before it hit the iceberg, sunk, and killed many of lives. It is dramatically staged through a film and becomes exceptionally successful up until the present. Today, the wreckage of the ship are being auctioned, stored and studied. It makes history and will always be remembered no matter how many decades had passed.

5. Maintenance of the Grand Canals

One of the most famous tourist spots for romantic Venetian architecture and restaurants is the Grand Canal in Venice. Have you ever thought how they do the maintenance to give tourist the best experience for their stay? The picture above has a lot to say. The job is no easy task as the canal covers 3.8 km long and is 30 to 90 m wide.

6. The most popular sex symbol of all time in a behind-the-scenes of a film

Marilyn Monroe has an enormous impact on the history as she becomes the iconic sex symbol of females. She’s one of the top-billed actresses in the past. In this picture, you can find her in a subway gate keeping her dress down for a film titled The Seven Year Itch by Billy Wilder.

7. The shark in the film Jaws by Steven Spielberg.

Director Steven Spielberg undoubtedly knows how to have fun filming as seen in this behind-the-scenes photo where he posed like the shark is going to eat him. The shark in the picture is only one of the three mechanical models they made for the film “Jaws.” The film is successful that it covers the production cost on the first weekend of its screening.

8. The first time a woman is allowed to join Boston Marathon.


Women are initially not allowed to join Boston marathon, but in the year 1967, Kathrine Switzer successfully proved that women could join the run. As you can see in the picture above, the other participant’s attention is on her. She finished the marathon in less than five hours and competed again in at age 70.

9. Testing the power of bulletproof vest

The guy on the picture looks so confident that the shot won’t give him his death. Since the 1500s, the idea of pistol proof fabric has been calculated, and the process of creating and developing one continued until mid-1900s. Murphy and his assistant demonstrated the effectiveness of the vest in a police headquarters in Washington.

10. The process of recording sounds in the 1800s.

Today, to record a pure sound of our voices for a little entertainment, we only have to take out our phones, open the recording and record the audio. It is as comfortable as that but during the 1800s, recording a sound is critical. Frances Densmore devoted his life and talent to preserving cultural music through a phonographic recording. It is a device used in the reproduction of sounds. Thomas Edison invents a phonograph in 1877 which becomes the starting point of recording advancements.

11. The old Cafeteria for employees in Disneyland.

It would be fine to have lunch with these Disney characters in real life but do not take too much selfie opportunities as they only have limited break from working. Let them fill their tummy to give people the promised happiest place on earth at Walt Disney’s theme park. Aside from Snow White and Goofy, who else do you recognize from the image above?

12. A picture when basketball is in the process of the invention.

To put into condition the young athletes in Massachusetts, a Canadian-American sports coach James Naismith invented a game basketball. Initially, the game only had 13 rules, and they use peaches baskets as hoops. You can see James and his wife practicing the game in this photo. The game developed and progressed in the 20th century.

13. The making of MGM lion

I know almost everyone has seen the finished product of this image if you examine the photo very well. Yes, it is the opening clip you saw in most of the American films, the MGM lion. It is real and is not manipulated. You may not observe it, but every year, they shoot a different lion. The one in the picture is named Jackie who also starred in some Tarzan films.

14. A cat in zero gravity

From 25,000 feet, Captain Druey Parks experimented how animals will behave when tossed in a zero-gravity environment. He was bewildered by a cat’s reaction especially how its claws reacted.

15. Testing bombs in the United States

The photo makes quite an explosion as they detonated twenty-three nuclear devices at Bikini Atoll. Testing of the bombs was conducted from 1946 up to 1958. They tried it in water, land, and sea that led to hiring marshals throughout the island. It becomes inhabitable for humans too because of the radioactivity. The bombs are to be used in a cold war against the Soviet Union.

16. People are painting the Eiffel Tower.

You should be brave with heights when you got employed to paint Eiffel Tower as they coated it eighteen times in 1992. Every seven years, as part of its maintenance, it is repainted to retain its magnificent beauty. They need 1,500 brushes, 25 painters, and 60 tons of paint to complete the task. The duration depends if the weather is in cooperation.

17. Strange invention of baby cages

On the first glance, seeing this photo in the present will make you call 911 and save the child, but during the 1930s, this is a sample of a baby cage proposed for buildings in London. They want to help parents in giving access to their infant’s need for sunlight and fresh air. Many people felt that this is an odd invention. Fortunately, it was a flop.

18. All the telephone lines are connected in this tower.

Imagine if the present did not develop phone technologies up until today. There will be a lot like this Old Stockholm telephone tower where over 5,000 telephone wires are connected to each other. Luckily, the concept disturbed the people of how many towers like this they will need to build in the future, so they created a way to put the lines underground. A fire damaged the tower, and they never make one like this again.

19. The first animal sent into space is a dog.

In this picture, you can see Laika as the first animal sent on space by the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2. They selected a stray dog from Moscow to become a cosmonaut. Unfortunately, her journey failed and did not return to Earth. She died in a blast in space. In memory of her, a monument is built in Moscow.

20. The first chimpanzee sent to space.

After a dog, a chimpanzee was sent into space launched by Cape Canaveral in the year 1961. He is called Ham the Chimp or simply, Astrochimp. Before sending him to space, he was trained to respond to electric lights and sound and was also taught simple level instructions. They considered his journey a success since he returned Earth with only a bruise in his nose.

21. Women can get arrested for too short swimwear.

Believe it or not, conservative eyes are everywhere in the 1920s. In this photo, a man measured the swimwear of these ladies if they are too short. You will be arrested for not wearing the prescribed length of cloth for females. They are considered immoral once they break the rules. I wonder how these conservative people will react if they live in today’s realms.

22. From Gandhi To Hitler

Mahatma Gandhi is known for handling wars and problems without violence. Often, he tried talking to leaders who want to start a war and settle in a way that would profit both sides. In the year 1939, he wrote to Adolf Hitler to prevent a foreseen war. He called Adolf a friend and explained how goals could be achieved with a peaceful mind.

23. Before the restoration of the Great Wall of China

We all know that building the Great Wall of China risked a big percentage of the Chinese population. In this photo, you can find uneven bricks before it was restored and become a universal tourist spot today.

24. One of the first underwater photographs

Before the invention of go pro and underwater cameras which are instantly available in malls today, photographing underwater is a tremendous success. This picture is taken by Louis Boutan in a depth of 164 feet underwater. He contacted his engineer friend to help him draft a plan in capturing an underwater shot through a camera in an air-filled balloon.

25. Dinosaur tracks were seen in Paluxy River, Texas

In a river track in Texas, alleged substantial fossilized footprints are recorded in this photograph. Metatarsal dinosaur tracks are observed. A more controversial fact discovered is, other than these dinosaur tracks, man tracks are also seen.

26. This is how San Francisco looked like after a shattering earthquake.

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck San Francisco in the year 1906. Eighty percent of infrastructures from San Francisco is destroyed and 3,000 people died. This photo is a heartbreaking aerial photograph of the incident.

27. A mask is invented to lessen noise.

The bizarre helmet on the photo is created by Hugo Gernsback back in think. At first sight, it looks like something delicate serves its purpose but apparently, it is only invented to lessen the noise in the environment when you need to focus on doing paper works. He believed that wearing this helmet will let you dive into silence. We were lucky not so many people tolerated this invention and somebody else created ear pods.

28. A creative and space saving parking lot.

I remember doing this for my Lego toys during childhood, but hey, the adults think the same way before I was even born. This thing they invented can hold 25-30 cars depending on models. They press a button and send your car to the free parking space. This invention looks cool and a little bizarre since it will be hard to get your car back once it is destroyed. Talk about the domino effect.

29. This mask is used to protect the kids from germs.

Hey, I am serious. Before the light and affordable face mask are invented, these masks that looked like a spaceship mask is used in hospitals to protect the kids from getting a virus from other patients. I believe they don’t want to underestimate the power of infection that they come up with this invention.

30. Love is a powerful emotion.

This is not a scene in a romantic film or is choreograph to gather attention. This image represents how much they value time as a moment after this shot was taken, they are about to get separated. This photo contains love, anxiety, and inspiration at the same time.

31. She will effortlessly serve you some tea.

This photo of a Victorian server can give you good vibes as we often see old pictures from their period that is either angry or sad. I believe she can serve four teas at a time with a natural gift she had.

32. First Human to Die in Space

ooking at the photo itself, a tragic fate is experienced by Vladimir Komarov, a Soviet cosmonaut. He died when his space capsule crashed when he is coming back to Earth. Soyuz 1 sent him on a mission where he met his death.

33. A monk burnt himself as a protest.

Thích Quảng Đức did not fear fire and death as he burned himself in an intersection at Saigon in 1963. His purpose is to protest against the persecution of Buddhists by the Vietnamese government. He is accompanied by a colleague who pours the contents of a gallon of petrol to his head while reciting a chant before lighting a matchstick.

34. One of the first people who benefited from Plastic Surgery

It is hard to distinguish which from these two images above is the before and after the plastic surgery. On the right, a tube pedicle is placed on his face. Walter Yeo is an English sailor in the World War I. He lost his upper and lower eyelids in the operation

35. The only photograph of a Quagga

I am not fooling you. This animal existed decades ago. A quagga is a subspecie of zebra that lived until the 19th century. It is a cross breed of zebra and a horse. The last Quagga died in Amsterdam in 1883.

36. The only elephant who knows how to surf.

Queenie is the name of the only Asian elephant who knows how to surf. Talk about living life to the fullest. Her partner Dane is the one who teaches her and they perform water ski, dancing and playing the harmonica together.

37. This is how a 5 MB drive looks like way back in the year 1956.

Thanks to technology advancement! If this is how a 5 MB looks like way back the old times, can you even imagine the weight of one terabyte drive? A PanAm plane will not be enough to transport it.

38. The glasses of John Lennon when he died.

What you are seeing is the glasses that John Lennon wore when Mark Chapman assassinated him. He got four gunshots and arrived dead at the hospital.

39. The unbroken seal of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

For more than 3,000 years, this seal is untouched. It is believed that the mummified body of King Tut is inside this shrine. It is not opened because most people are scared of the Pharaoh’s curse written on a tablet that says people who will disturb his peace will face death.

40. Electrocution of a man to study the muscles in his face

Duchenne de Boulogne electrocuted a man’s face to study the muscles present to it. His findings are published with photographs and titled The Mechanism of Human Expression.

We believed you learned a lot just by reading this article. If you are amazed in the list or particular photograph, you can let us know in the comments so we can discuss and exchange ideas. You can share it your friends who love exciting stuff. It’ll be a great start up conversation with meeting friends too. Remember to press subscribe to get notified of our future listing. See your name in the comments.

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