50 Unforgettable Bride Moments

Soon to get married brides dream of the perfect white wedding wearing long white dress for their once in a lifetime moment. Now, that can be seen as out of fashion. Ordinary long white dresses can’t satisfy the needs of these brides to stand out from an ordinary wedding reception. And they ‘stretch’ those gowns limits.. literally..  in unbelievable ways. And those awed guests get to enjoy a wonderful evening and can’t take off their eyes away, taking picturesque photos of these weird, oddly beautiful but definitely innovative wedding dress. Here are 50 outrageous dresses that brides wore to their wedding.

1. Dress with Laundry Baskets

This bride seems to be fully prepared for life after marriage as she has chosen laundry baskets as the theme of her dress. With a couple of small travel cases to add more volume to this dress, she looks quite lovely, indeed.

2. Gold Glittery Wedding Dress

Gold and fashion always go hand in hand. If you know to include gold work on your dress properly, you will look like a queen. This bride seems to have perfected that style. She is seen wearing a lovely strapless white & gold dress with a long golden train that made the dress look royal.

3. Jungle Hunter Dress

Yes, you don’t have to be too formally dressed at your wedding, but for the bride to turn up this casually for her D-Day, is something that we find quite strange. Look at the background and the groom in particular? We are not even sure if it is a wedding or just a casual get together.

4. Firespark Dress

This bride looks terrific with a flame-themed dress. She looks quite aggressive and attractive at the same time. Was the groom a firefighter? We would like to believe so.

5. Feather Dress

Many brides prefer feather patterns for their D-Day. This bride went a step apart when she chose a gold bodice and white-feathered long skirt to walk down the aisle. The bodice had a deep and plunging neckline to make her look sensuous.

6. Orange Rose Dress

Orange is the new white, or so it seems from this picture! The bride and groom have opted for an orange shade that is not only over the top but also great considered the venue that they chose for their wedding.

7.Neon Color Dress

We discussed the cat-themed dress earlier, isn’t it? In what might come as a shock, it was not only the bride who was dressed weirdly but even the bridesmaids. Who uses oversized neon-colored dresses for the maids at the weddings, these days?

8. Maternity Dress

It’s quite a beautiful feeling to embrace motherhood, and it’s more beautiful when you get married while pregnant. While most brides do whatever they can to hide their baby bump, this one went over the top and wore a dress that exposed her baby bump.

9. Dress with Golden Lights

Which bride doesn’t want to look unique on her D-Day? Here, this bride decided to be the center of attention as she chose a dress that was illuminated. With all these lights glowing on her gown, it is impossible not to take notice of her, isn’t it?

10. Many Tiered Dress

Today, brides are becoming bolder and more fashionable while choosing their bridal dresses. This bride chose a simple yet bold strapless white gown with multiple tiers, which made her look sexy and sweet.

11.Dress with Rose Prints

This bride chose to wear this stunning gown for her country-garden themed wedding. The gown with English rose patterns, organza overlay, and beautiful shoulder details was a sheer hit among the guests who attended her wedding.

12. Dress with Embellishments

Mint green is a lovely choice for bridal wear. When you incorporate stunning embellishments into the dress, it looks stunning. This bride pleasantly shocked everyone when she chose an embellished green gown with sheer sleeves that suited perfectly for the rustic theme wedding.

13. Dress with Jacket


Gowns and skirts are no more the preferred choices of brides to wear on their wedding day. This bride chose to be quite creative when she chose a jacket and corset to match with her skirt. She looked professional, smart and extremely good-looking in this dress.

14. Disney Princess Dress

From her dress, it is evident that that bride is an ardent Disney fan. Her bubblegum pink bridal wear has been designed to perfection, and we are sure that the guests couldn’t hold back their awws and oos when they saw here.

15. Dessert Dress

The bride or the groom would have shared a passion for r baking. What else could explain the bride’s unique wedding dress made of donuts and nuts of different flavors? We are tempted to bite a piece off her wedding dress, aren’t we?

16. Deep Plunge Dress


Red is a bold choice, especially for a wedding. This bride chose to make it even bolder by choosing a plunging neckline to stand out from the crowd. The flowing dress with a plunging neckline oozes sensuality and romance all over.

17. Forest Dress

Chuck the whites! Here, the bride is dressed in tandem with the background in which she is standing. The dress looks beautiful and unique; however, the groom might have a tough time locating her in the midst of greenery all around.

18. Crochet Seam Dress

This dress spells class and elegance all over. Made from crochet seam and intricate embroidery, this bridal dress has a lovely bodice that seems to steal the limelight on any given day.

19. Cotton Candy Dress

If you can splurge on your bridal wear, this bridal wear is the right choice for you. The gold bodice is embellished with crystals and beads that make you stand out in a crowd. The ruffled skirt that looks frothy comes with a long train as well, which makes it look heavenly.

20. Contrast Brides

Here, two brides who are getting married on the same day pose with each other. The cupcake-themed wedding seems to have reflected on their dresses. While the white dress looks quite ordinary, it is the magenta-pink bridal wear that caught everyone’s attention.

21. Dress with condoms

It cannot get any crazier than this! This bride seems to convey a message to her husband-to-be as she wears a dress made from over thousand condoms. The guests must have been cringing in their seats when they saw this dress.

22. Mouse Pointer Dress

When there are too many weddings happening in a year, it is imperative to think out of the box and make your bridal wear look as unique as possible. This bride seems to have got a weird idea as she has incorporated computer mouse all over her dress.

23. Cat Wedding Dress

It is alright to be a cat-lover, but it is quite weird to wear a cat-themed dress for your wedding, isn’t it? This bride wore a huge, silk, cat-themed dress with a silk kitten woven into the dress to complement her theme!

24. Campfire Dress

Camping or outdoors could have been the theme of this wedding dress. Why else would the bride wear a dress that has hunting theme all over? We are not sure if we love this dress, but we do feel that the bride could have opted for a better color, though.

25. Cake Wedding Dress

This lady has nailed it as she seems to have her cake and eat it too! Her tailor-made bridal wear is made from cake! Designers took about a couple of months to create this edible cake, and we are sure the guests must have been spellbound by the bride’s creativity.

26. Dress with Box Wrappers

Does this dress look vaguely familiar? That is because it is made from wrappers, papers and other recycled covers of sweets and biscuits that you consume on a regular basis. We must agree that the bride and groom were quite serious about environment conservation in their lives.

27. Cute Balloon Dress

Who said you needed balloons to decorate your wedding avenue when you could have them on your dress? This woman seems to strike a classic pose with small balloons decorating the bottom part of her dress in a stylish and unique way.

28. Balloon and tentacles Dress

Balloon dresses are always elegant, irrespective of the bride’s height or shape. When you add innovative themes like tentacles and balloon-based headgear as well, the dress can turn out to be a showstopper.

29. Princess Jasmine Dress

Wearing pink to your wedding is fine, but this shade of pink cannot be forgiven! To add insult to injury, this pink dress contains leopard prints all over to make it look like a rave party than a wedding. We are not sure what the bride thought when she chose this dress for her D-Day, but we can only say that she got the entire concept wrong.

30. Winter Harmony Dress

This bride chose to wear this stunning piece for her winter wedding, and it became an instant hit. The grayish purple gown with intricate black embroidery at the waist makes it a stunning dress that every bride would love to wear.

31. Wig Dress

It’s alright to be different, but it is completely strange to go out of the way just because you want to look different. This bride chose this unusual colored dress made from human hair wigs worth $78000. Quite weird, indeed!

32. White Lace Wedding Dress

While white lace is often one of the preferred choices of bridal wear, this bride went a little overboard with it. The low-high-low hem pattern of the dress and the lacy boots were such standouts that she attracted too many glances on her D-Day.

33. White Chocolate Dress

Doesn’t this strapless gown look unique and cute? Made from Hershey’s White Chocolate, this dress seems to be right out of the fairy tale. The bride seems to have got her shoes and cap on point to match this dress.

34. Dress with Toilet Rolls

Taking creativity to strange levels, this bride has used up rolls of toilet paper to get this tailor-made bridal wear. We must agree that the dress looks beautiful indeed and the bride chose an excellent location to get her dress clicked in full form.

35. Tentacles Dress

This bride wanted to look like a mermaid, probably. However, she got the theme all wrong when she decided to insert tentacles on them. Sadly, she neither looked like a mermaid nor a witch in this weird dress.

36. Star Trek Wedding Dress

Yes, the bride and groom appear to be hardcore Star Trek fans. While the cake was alright, the dress of the bride and her makeup were far from good. Who would want such crazy dresses and crazier eyebrows for such an important day in their lives?

37. Soccer Dress

This bride seems to know the right way to impress her husband to be! What better way to impress your man than to imprint his favorite soccer team’s logo on your wedding attire? We are sure the bride would remember this view forever.

38. Snowman Dress

What did this bride think when she chose this snowman-themed, funny wedding dress? It’s alight to feel unique, but it is something else if you want to be famous for infamous reasons! Who, in their right sense would choose such a weird dress for their D-Day?

39. Sequin Dress

Gold sequins make a dress look spectacular if designed properly. This bride seems to have got it all right when she chose to wear a short and stylish wedding dress that had gold and laser sequins all over. This dress was perfect for an evening wedding as she shone in her dress.

40. Renaissance Dress

Royalty was the theme of this wedding, and the bride got full marks for it. With a tiara and a matching carriage-style gown, this woman looked nothing less than a princess herself.

41. Recycled Dress

If you are wondering about why this bridal wear is looking strange and frilly, it is because it is made from recycled plastic. Brides, these days, have decided to put litter as well to full use! The dress makes her look like a seagull, but the groom seems to enjoy his bride’s choice of dress.

42. Rave Party Dress

We thought this was a picture of a group of teenagers going to a rave party in strange dresses. We were quite shocked to know that the girl in white was the bride and the other three were the bridesmaids! The dresses and the strange lights at the bottom were pathetic.

43. Racy Feather Dress


This bridal wear looks sexy and stunning. The sheer bodice is made up of feather patterns that are so intricate that they seem to hold on to your body parts tightly. The organza skirt that accompanies this sheer bodice is one of the most stunning bridal wears on this list.

44. Dress with Prints


If you want your bridal wear to look unique, you have to think hard about it. This bride kept it simple but sophisticated. She has printed “wifey” on her dress. Maybe she wanted to assure herself that she was the heroine that day?

45. Petal Wedding Dress

Guests at this lady’s wedding couldn’t understand which was weirder – the shocking, bold dress of the bride or the rented limo that she chose to arrive at the venue. We are only happy that the short dress with a long train could fit into that limo that she had rented.

46. Blue Bridal Dress

This bride looks awesome in blue. The flowing and frilled blue gown make her look quite charming, indeed. With blue denoting stability and loyalty, it is no surprise that the woman chose this for her D-Day. The groom also chose to play along with the blue theme as he is seen sporting a blue tie, which adds more color to the wedding.

47. Glittery wedding dress

This lady decided to wear her heart on her sleeve! In a bid to prove her love to her husband, she chose a short and sexy dress full of pink hearts and glittered for her D-Day. We are sure the groom would have been impressed, though!

48. Dress as the light

With this kind of illuminated gown, the bride and groom could have saved a lot of money on the venue lighting. The woman chose a dress that had inbuilt lights and decided to get married in the evening hours so that she could show off her dress in full glory to her guests.

49. Wedding dress with train

This bride seems to have the most of it on her D-Day. In a bid to make her important day a grand affair, this woman has rented a tailor-made limo to fit her long-trained pink wedding gown so that she could arrive at the venue in style.

50. Barely there dress

Does it look like bridal wear? No, it is body paint with a mermaid design at the bottom! What did the bride think when she chose to adorn her body with this weird, nearly nude paint? Did she want to save money on her wedding attire? We would never know!

Some of these creative bridal wears are simply out of the world, isn’t it? There is no limit to one’s creativity, and it is perfectly alright if you get inspired by some of these themes for your wedding as well. As a bride, you need to ensure that you don’t go over the top but maintain the creativity, simplicity, and elegance of your dress in the best possible way.

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