Top 25 Amazing Facts About Bananas That Will Shock You

The standard bananas that you find every day at your homes are rich in nutrients and are associated with some interesting facts that you have never been aware of all this time. Read on to know more about these facts.

1.Different colours

If you thought bananas were just yellow or green, you are wrong. They are available in various colors like purple, red and brown as well.


Eating one banana a day will give you 20% and 10% of your daily magnesium and potassium requirements respectively.

3.Export quality

If bananas need to be exported, they are plucked when they are unripe and packed in this. Ethylene is then sued to ripen the bananas whenever needed.

4.Strong smell


According to an analysis conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, the smell of bananas is so strong that it can satisfy your hunger by giving you the feeling of actually having eaten it.

5.Rich in water content

Water constitutes nearly 75% of bananas; therefore, when you eat a banana you feel quite full. This is also one of the main reasons why people eat bananas when they feel dehydrated.

6.Leaders in production and consumption


Indian is the leading producer of bananas in the world followed by Uganda and China. When it comes to consumption, Sweden occupies the first rank.

7.Agricultural fact

Every year, around 100 billion bananas are consumed by people all over the globe. Therefore, it is currently the 4th biggest agricultural product on the plant, following the other big crops like wheat, rice, and corn.

8.Emotional balance

People who ate bananas on a regular basis were found to be quite happy and in a better mind frame always, thanks to the presence of natural chemicals in the fruit.


Most of the fruits like apple or berries that are loaded with nutrients cost a lot. However, bananas are available at throwaway prices in spite of being packed with natural chemicals and other nutrients.

10.Banana skin

We usually throw off the banana skill after peeling the fruit off. However, the skin works wonders as a beauty treatment. Make a paste of the peel and apply it on your face to get rid of acne and for relief against insect bites, burns, etc.

11.Improves immunity

Bananas are highly effective in improving the overall immunity of the human body. Therefore, it helps to reduce problems like morning sickness, blood pressure and more.

12.Rich in Vitamin C

If you thought only citrus fruits like lemon and orange were rich in Vitamin C, you probably don’t know about bananas. Bananas give you 15% of the Vitamin C content that you need per day.

13.Ideal for diarrhea

When you are suffering from acute dysentery or diarrhea, doctors prescribe you a natural diet of BRAT (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast).

14.Easy ripening process


If you buy unripe bananas from the store and want to ripen them at home naturally, you just have to put them in a bag containing an uncut and unpeeled apple. The ethylene gas that the apple emanates is enough to ripen the bananas.

15.Work out food

If you are planning for an intense workout session and want the energy and stamina for the same, eat a couple of bananas first. You are ready to go for about 90 minutes of a rigorous workout then.

16.Bananas are not fruits

In reality, a banana is a berry. This is because it is formed from a flower that has a single ovary.

17.Weight loss

Bananas are highly recommended for you if you are planning to lose weight naturally. This is because these are low in carbohydrates and rich in water & other nutrients.

18.Perfect for pregnant women

Since bananas are rich in Vitamin C, folic acid, iron and other nutrients, it is ideal for expectant mothers. When they eat bananas regularly, they don’t have to take external iron or folic acid supplements.

19.Do not grow on trees

So where do bananas grow then? They grow from a root that creates a stem above the ground. It belongs to the “herb” type.

20.Banana Republic

This was the name given to companies that were under the control of big banana businesses that aimed for producing huge crops.

21.Group name

It is known as a finger, a group of bananas is known as a hand.

22.Perfect for hangovers

Are you suffering from a severe hangover from the party last night? Eat a couple of bananas and feel instant freshness washing over you, to your great relief.

23.DNA sharing

Though it seems quite weird, humans share close to 50% of their DNAs with these wonder berries.

24.Good for the heart

Eating bananas daily can make your heart function better, and it reduces your risk to cardiac problems, strokes and other kinds of cancers.

25.Banana Museum

When you visit California, do not miss the Banana Club Museum. This is a place that introduces you to around 17000 banana items!


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