Top 25 Breathtaking Facts About Dubai That Make It Stand Out!

From being a vast desert, Dubai has transformed to a global city – a metropolis of lights and malls. Its iconic skyscrapers and innovative buildings have attracted the world’s attention. Now, it is your turn to discover and experience remarkable facts about Dubai.

1.The Dubai Police

The Dubai police department is considered to be one of the richest departments in the world as it has three of the most opulent luxury cars – Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley.

2.The transforming city

The City of Dubai is purely known for its abundant changes that have remodeled it completely. It has transformed itself from an open desert to a city of lights and malls.

3.Climate- Controlled Indoor City

Dubai, after having transformed into a city of lights and malls, has come with plans to build a 50 crore square feet climate-controlled indoor city in due course.

4.Discomfort for women

It is a city which is frequently visited by female entrepreneurs. However, there are allegations that women are being raped and being jailed for reporting the crime.

5.Dubai – A wildlife tour

In Dubai, you can see a lot of wild animals frequently with the help of wildlife tour packages. One can even see wild animals from his passenger seat when traveling in the city.

6.Dubai – Place of Handsome Hunks

Dubai known for its geographical beauty has also got the distinction of housing quite a few handsome men. It is said that one journalist from Dubai was not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia for being too Handsome.

7.The city of high-rise constructions and cranes

The city is known for its high-rise buildings, and around one in every five high-rise cranes is located inside these buildings.

8.So Much Sand


Dubai has the pride of making an artificial island out of sands. The island is known as the Palm Island. For making the island, it imported so much sand that it can fill up 2.5 Empire State buildings.

9.It is not just the oil

Everyone believes that Dubai’s main income is only from exporting oil. However, that has proven to be a myth as oil exporting income forms only 6% of the income. The primary sources of revenue for the economy are from a real estate and tourism.

10. Burj Al Arab

Dubai is also known for its gold. Burj Al Arab makes use of so much gold that it can be used to cover a whopping 46265 Mona Lisa Paintings.

11.The Foreign Population

The city is known to have to have lots of foreigners- 85% of the population are foreign nationals and the remaining are domestic residents. Among the 85% foreign population, a large percentage belongs to India.

12.The Robots that race

Robots are used for many purposes like the automobile industry, IT industries. However, Dubai has gone a step ahead by using robots for camel racing. It is multi- million dollar industry and robots are used because they are lighter and flexible.

13.The Burj Khalifa

The tallest building, the Burj Khalifa is known for its height. However, the top floor residents suffer the most during Ramadan because of its size. This is because it takes longer time for them to break the fast during Ramadan.

14.The Gold Trade

Dubai is a place well known for its gold. In 2013 it amounted that 40% of physical gold trade took place in Dubai. The weight of the Physical Gold traded was the weight of 354 elephants.

15.The bagpipe band for Dubai police

Dubai police being one of the richest police departments of the world owns its bagpipe band, which is unusual.

16.The wasted space

This hotel is known to be a unique hotel; however, it has a lot of wasted space. 39% of the area of the Burj Al Arab is said to be wasted space which is uninhabitable.

17.The growing Car Populations

Nowadays Dubai is planning to build double decker roads so that it can accommodate space for the dense car population and have a hassle free vehicle movement. In the earlier days of the 1960s, there used to be just 13 cars on the roads of Dubai.

18.The Burj Khalifa Scene

One can see Burj Khalifa from 90 kilometers radius from any place that one stands, because of the great height.

19.The highest tennis court

Dubai also has the pride of having the highest tennis court in the world which is on top of Burj Al Arab.

20.The air conditioned bus stops

The Dubai city is so rich that all its bus stops are air-conditioned and enclosed safely.

21.0% Crime Rates – Safest City

Everyone knows that Law and Order system of Dubai is so stringent. So, it makes the city a small crime- rate city. The crime rate is 0% here, making it a safe city to reside in.

22.0% Income Tax – Tax-Free City

Dubai is a tax-free city, and so anyone can become rich and wealthy in Dubai because of the opportunities he as and pay 0% income tax.

23.World’s tallest and biggest structures

Dubai city has the pride of having world’s tallest and most major buildings making it a truly magnificent sight to behold.

24.World’s Largest Gold Chain

The world’s largest gold chain was produced in Dubai. The chain was 4.2km long and weighed 22kg.

25.The City of Luxurious hotels

Dubai city is known for its luxury everywhere. The city’s five-star and seven-star hotels are so breath-taking and stupendous that they make the city look like paradise on earth.

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