Top 25 Fascinating Facts From Notorious Death Records

Life is short, and death is the equalizer of all. Whatever reason – sickness, accident, or natural death, everyone will inevitably veer off towards eternity. This page shares facts from famous death data.

1. Fulton Allen

Fulton Allen, a Blues guitarist, was a visually challenged person who lost his life on February 13, 1941, due to infections in various parts of the body such as the abdomen, bladder, and pelvis. This resulted in the failure of his kidneys as well.

2. Frances Bavier

France Bavier also lovingly called as ‘AUNT BEE,’ is a stunning actress who has won the prestigious award of The Prime Time Emmy Award for The Andy Griffith Show. She died due to a heart attack at her home just before her 87th birthday.

3. Charles Bronson

Charles Dennis Buchinsky, known as Charles Bronson is a phenomenal actor with an acting career of 60 years. He had lung cancer and Alzheimer’s.

4. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was the Grunge Band’s lead singer. His death is shrouded in mystery and controversies. According to published reports, his death is believed to be a suicide as there was a trace of self- triggered bullet of a shotgun in his body.

5. John Denver

Henry John Deutschendorf, popularly known as John Denver was a spectacular singer and a marvelous songwriter. He died while he was flying in an experimental airplane that crashed.

6. Chris Farley

Chris Farley was celebrated for his sense of humor. He was an actor and a comedian who starred in the NBC television series. He was found dead in his apartment, and the report states that the death was due to opiate and cocaine intoxication.

7. George Harrison

The lead singer of The Beatles was a songwriter as well. He was diagnosed with throat cancer due to heavy smoking, but he was cured of it, completely. However, it was later diagnosed that he had lung cancer as well. While treating the same, cancer spread to his brain which caused his death.

8. Judy Garland

She was an internationally famous actor and singer known for her musical and dramatic roles. She died from an accident due to over-dosage of barbiturates.

9. Marvin Pentz Gay

Marvin, an American singer, and songwriter, was considered to be a boon to the music world during his heydays. He, however, was shot dead by his father for intervening in the fight between him and his wife.

10. Holden William

Holden William is a phenomenal and award-winning actor who featured in the great movies like The Towering Inferno, The Earthling, etc. However, he died by getting hit at a nightstand while he was highly intoxicated.

11. Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson is the great-great-granddaughter of the founder of Johnson and Johnson drug empire, Robert Johnson. She died because of high levels of sugar in her blood. She was found dead in her friend’s guest house.

12. Brian Jones

Brian Jones is the founder of the famous rock band, “The Rolling Stones.” An English musician by profession, he died due to drowning in fresh water in swimming pool. Studies state that his death was due to liver dysfunction as a result of high intake of alcohol and drug.

13. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.

John Fitzgerald was the eldest son of the former President of The United States of America, John F Kennedy. He died in an air crash along with his wife and sister-in-law.

14. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger is popularly known as “The Joker” from the movie, “The Night.” Controversies are going on that he suffered mental depressions due to over-involvement in the character of Joker. He was found dead in his apartment after many hours of being unconscious.

15. John Lennon

John Lennon one of the gems of the world-famous band, “The Beatles,” was an iconic songwriter and a marvelous singer. He died due to gun shots triggered by Mark David Chapman while he was walking back to his home with his wife.

16. Adolf Frederick

Adolf Frederick, the praised and respected King of Sweden, died in a very vague condition. His death was claimed to be due to a digestive problem after eating a huge meal with lobsters, 14 desserts, and champagne.

17. Jane Austen

Jane Austen was a very famous author in her times. She was an outstanding writer, and her language was simple yet intense. She died due to Addison’s disease; however, the disease got its name only after 30 years of her death.

18. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe

The trio of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe have one thing in common – their date of deaths. The first two died after signing the Declaration of Independence, and the third one died on the same day after five years.

19. James A Garfield

James A Garfield got hit by two bullets just after becoming the President of United States of America for 200 days. Charles Guiteau triggered the shots. His death is believed to be due to medical negligence. The doctors had used unsterilized medical instruments and used unhygienic methods to treat him, due to which his vital organs stopped functioning.

20. Syphilis, the killer of famous personalities

Syphilis was a deadly sexually transmitted disease which killed many of the famous celebrities like Al Capone, Paul Gauguin, Oscar Wilde and Guy De Maupassant.

21. Mark Twain

Mark Twain was a famous American writer who has a fascinating fact about his birth and death. He was born in the year when a comet was seen, and he died in the year the comet disappeared.

22. Jockey Frank Hayes

Frank was a jockey who has the distinction of winning the horse race posthumously. Frank had a massive heart attack when he was riding on the horseback in a horse race and died on the spot.

23. Sherwood Anderson

Sherwood Anderson was well- renowned and popular author of his time and has written masterpieces like Ohio and Winesburg. He died in a hospital due to abdominal illness.

24. C S Lewis, John F Kennedy, and Aldous Huxley

The renowned Author C S Lewis, author of “The Chronicles of Narnia,” popular author Huxley and the 35th President of United States of America, John F Kennedy, died on the very same day – November 22nd, 1963.

25. Soviet Cosmonauts Georgi Dobrovolksy, Vladislav, Volkov and Viktor Patsayev

Georgi, Vladislav and Viktor were astronauts from Soviet who died due to de-pressure during re-entry.

These are the only deaths that have been recorded on Earth.



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