Top 25 Starbucks Did You Know?

Starbuck’s is undeniably a very famous coffee brand. People get their latte or smoothie fix in Starbuck’s every single day. But, check out these mind-boggling truths about Starbuck’s before you set your foot in the store again!

1.) The Price Of One Cup

Did you know that the most expensive drink on the Starbuck’s menu costs $83.75? Yes, that is right. The 160 ounces drink is a latte with at least 99 shots of espresso.

2.) The Annual Revenue Of Starbucks Is Unimaginable

Today, the brand Starbucks earns at least 21 billion dollars in total annual revenue. That is surely a lot of money for the stockholders!

3.) High Fat And Sugar Content

When you consume one Venti Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks, you inevitably eat at least ten grams of saturated fats and almost eighty-two grams of sugar.

4.) Undercover Starbucks


There are actually numerous undercover Starbucks existing. One can be found in Seattle, which is commonly known as the Roy Street Coffee And Tea.

5.) The Original Founders

Jerry Baldwin, a history teacher, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker, a writer, first founded the now worldwide brand phenomenon. In 1987, they sold it to Howard Schultz.

6.) Starbucks Never Open Late

All the branches of Starbucks from around the world are required to open at least ten minutes before the opening time and ten minutes later than the closing time.

7.) Where The Brand’s Name Came From

The founders being a history teacher and writers found their inspiration for the name of the coffee store in the book Moby Dick. Starbuck is a character in the story.

8.) The Gallons Of Milk Used To Make Starbuck’s Coffee

Measuring the amount of milk the company uses on an annual basis, there would be more than one hundred thousand gallons of dairy products they store.

9.) The Number Of Starbuck’s Employees

When the company hired a lot of workers during its establishment. There are almost a hundred and ninety people who were hired by Starbucks. That is more than the population of  Greenland!

10.) The Founding Of Starbucks

The brand is a famous and favorite coffee company around the world. 1971 was the year it was first established in Seattle, Washington. Today,

11.) There Is Always Something New Every Week

The company serves millions of people from around the world on a daily basis. And every week they put something new on the menu such as the “short” or eight-ounce drink.

12.) The Joe Magazine In 1999

After the brand took off and became a success, Starbuck’s also tried to pursue publishing magazines that their customers can read. But after just three issues, it was canceled.

13.) Starbucks Every day Is Equivalent To One Million Dollars

If you buy one Starbucks product every single day,that is actually equal to one million dollars of money you would wish you just saved or invested somewhere else.

14.) The Solo Diners

You may have wondered about the interior aspect of the Starbuck’s company. Circular tables were added as a piece of furniture to make customers who are alone welcomed.

15.) The State With The Most Starbucks Franchise

Starting from one branch in Seattle, now, Starbucks has over 30 thousand outlets around the world. Santa Fe Springs in California holds the record for most number of stores.

16.) The Massive Amount Of Caffeine Can Be Lethal

For an adult who weighs a hundred and fifty pounds, the estimated caffeine intake that could be lethal is ten thousand milligrams, and more than that can have a serious health problem.

17.) The So-Called Store Number 1

In the CIA headquarters, they use code to refer to their very own Starbuck’s store. The store inside the CIA is called the “Store No.1” but in receipts given states the brand’s name.

18.) The Price To Own Starbucks

When the brand was still new and unfamiliar to other states or countries, the rate of share is only seventeen dollars. Now, it increased to eighty-two dollars.

19.) Jerry Baldwin And The Peet’s Coffee And Tea

In 1984, one of the co-founders of Starbucks, Jerry Baldwin also bought their competition Peet’s Coffee And Tea. A few years later, he decided to let Starbucks go which proves a total mistake.

20.) Employee’s Health Comes Before Coffee

The Starbuck’s company spends a lot of money to provide the best health care for its employees. A total of three hundred thousand million dollars is allotted to them.

21.) The Numbers Of Cups Starbuck’s Use

In total, Starbuck’s from different parts of the world is using more than four billion of cups in various sizes. That is a lot of disposable cups in just one year!

22.) Gold In Every Starbuck’s Limited Edition Cards

Do you remember the limited edition cards sold by the company in 2013? The gold cards actually contained real gold in them! And they cost around four hundred and fifty dollars.

23.) Famous Products Gets A Twitter Account

When a product at Starbuck’s becomes a favorite and famous, such as the pumpkin spice, they get their own twitter account.  Pumpkin spice has over eighty thousand followers.

24.) Two Extra Cups Not In The Menu

There are two additional sizes of cup you can get at Starbucks. Those two are not on the menu, but they are offering it. The two extra sizes are “Short” and “Trenta” which are 8 and 30-ounce cup.

25.) The Trenta Cup Can Make A Person Bloat

An individual who orders the “Trenta” can feel bloated after finishing the whole thing. That is because the size is so big and larger than the stomach of a person.

Now that you know these 25 truths about Starbuck’s tell us in the comment, which among the facts surprised you, the most. Feel free to also share something, not on the list!



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