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Top 30 Bizarre And Intriguing Facts About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, with his famous “moonwalk” dance and excellent songs, is undoubtedly the King of Pop. His position is still vacant, and there is none to replace this iconic personality. However, sometimes fame gets on top of people’s heads and makes them do things that are not so great. Here are some not-so-interesting facts about the King of Pop.

1.Suffered from Vitiligo

Though he was born with a dark brown skin, Michael Jackson’s skin started lightening. He was known to suffer from a skin disorder known as Vitiligo, which was later confirmed in his autopsy.

2.He was once bald.

The silky and wavy hair that of Michael Jackson was not natural. He is believed to have lost his hair during a 1984 fire accident while shooting for a Pepsi commercial.

3.Plastic surgery

Michael Jackson underwent various plastic surgeries on his face to correct his appearance, make his chin better, increase his cheekbones and alter the appearance of his lips, forehead and more.

4.Child sexual abuse

Jackson was abused by his father when he was a kid; therefore, he took to this crime when he grew up. He was accused of molesting many boys, and he had to pay a huge sum for settling these accusations.

5.Dangling his son

During 2002, Michael Jackson was photographed while he was dangling his infant son from the balcony in a hotel at Berlin.

6.Library fines

When we return a book beyond its actual time at the library, we are charged with fines, aren’t we? Michael Jackson went overboard in this aspect as well as he was once charged with a whopping $1million towards book fines!

7.Oxygen Tent

Michael Jackson used to sleep in an oxygen tent to get youthful looks and to increase his lifespan. However, he then donated this to a medical centre in California to aid victims suffering from burns.

8.Rare disease

Jackson was suffering from a not-so-common genetic disease known as Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, which had an undue effect on his lungs and liver.

9.Witch doctor


It may sound strange, but the reality is that Michael Jackson had once paid $150000 to a witch doctor. This was the payment made so that the doctor could put a lasting curse on ace Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg.


While conducting an autopsy on Jackson’s body, doctors found out that the King of Pop had tattooed his lips and eyebrows in shades of pink and a dark hue respectively.

11.Patented boots

If you wondered how your favorite pop star could stand at an angle that defied gravity, and if you thought that it was because of Jackson’s phenomenal talent, you were wrong. It was because Jackson wore a special type of gravity-defying patented boots.


Bubbles the chimpanzee, was the favourite pet of Michael Jackson. Bubbles started becoming too possessive about its owner and thus started behaving strangely when Jackson started to become popular. Therefore, Jackson donated the chimpanzee to a sanctuary after a while.

13.Fans suicide

Michael Jackson was so popular that when news started emerging about his death, many of his fans committed suicide. It was quite frightening to believe these things for the common man then.

14.Song rights of Beatles

Michael Jackson acquired the complete control of the publishing rights to Beatles’ songs during 1985 for $47million. It was this investment that saved him later when he was overburdened with debts.

15.Obscene choreography

Martin Scorsese, the famous Hollywood director, directed Michael Jackson in an 18-minute video for “Bad”. In this, the pop icon was featured making some explicit and sexual dance moves like grabbing his test, touching his crotch, etc.

16.Cancelling concerts

The year 1999 saw Michael Jackson being quite unprofessional in his career, as he cancelled concerts on the trot. This lead to organisers in Munich launching a complaint against him, which was later settled.

17.Didn’t keep up promise

During 2005, New Orleans was reeling under the severity of Hurricane Katrina. That’s when Jackson promised that he would do a concert to contribute to the charity work. Though he worked with various artists, his concerts and singles were never recorded for this purpose at all.

18.Overburden of debts

Michael Jackson led an affluent lifestyle, and it continued even when his earnings came. Gradually, his properties were being seized, and his accounts were being audited. At one point, he had over £270m as loans in his name.

19.Egyptian statue

In an unbelievable coincidence, a statue that resembles the King of Pop can be found in a museum in Egypt. While the statue has been there for over two decades now, its popularity soared after Jackson’s death as millions of fans came here to have a look at their favourite pop icon.

20.Wax statue of a girl

Michael Jackson was quite a strange personality indeed. He owned a wax statue of a little girl who was looking disheveled, unkempt and scary. The statue’s face was covered in dust as well!

21.Martin Bashir Interview

Martin Bashir was a famous journalist from Britain who had made Princess Diana weep on one of his shows earlier. In discussion with Bashir, Jackson was quite forthcoming and agreed that he had slept with Arvizo, thereby making his sexual abuse case weaker.


Michael Jackson started using drugs from an early age, and he became so addicted to it that he couldn’t eat other foods. His health started failing him miserably. He used many aliases to get prescriptions signed by Dr Conrad Murray to get drugs.

23.Faking his death

Some people believe that Michael Jackson is still alive and that he faked his death during 2009. This happened when a person similar to Jackson was spotted at an event in Canada. People believe that he is in hiding in Canada or Africa currently!

24.Throwing animal shit

This might irk you, but unfortunately, this is the reality. Michael Jackson used to love throwing balls of animal shit on people around him, especially his staff, maids and helpers!

25.Urinated on floors

A disgusting factor about Michael Jackson was that he could urinate on the floors any time without being concerned about the surrounding, the neatness of the place, his brand image or the embarrassment he caused to others because of his behavior.

26.Slept among filth

Jackson’s maids once complained that the King of Pop never wanted his sheets to be changed. He used to sleep on dirty sheets filled with food, dust, filth, whiskey and even poop sometimes, without any worry in the world.

27.Disorganised house

Michael Jackson’s house was a complete mess. His books, shirts, dirty diapers and other things kept lying here and there. Most of the stuff that occupied his ranch was junk and Jackson just wouldn’t throw it away, much to his maids’ dismay.


Having a dartboard was not scary. However, having a dartboard with pictures of Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg, was quite creepy, indeed! Jackson would give gifts to kids who hit the bull’s eye on these pictures. He hated all the Jews and wanted them to die.

29.Slot machine man

We have all seen slot machines in public places. However, Jackson, the weird personality that he is, collected a slot machine in the shape of a man, which was strikingly odd.

30.Head statues

Michael Jackson is believed to have collected lots of head statues showing scary expressions at his house. He had probably collected them to scare the kids whom he had sexually abused.


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