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Top 30 Shocking and Interesting Facts About The Holy Bible

The Bible or the Holy Bible, as it is commonly known as, is the Holy Book of the Christians all over the world. The book teaches important lessons for life and lays down the rules to live a proper, Christian life. While on the one hand, the book is revered by many, on the other hand, there are some strange facts about the Bible that don’t give you positive vibes about the book. Read on to know more:


While conducting a survey of the books that were shoplifted most of the times, the Bible occupied the first rank.


The Holy Book has been translated in about 1200 languages till date, making it the first book to get this distinction.


In the Bible, there is an incident where few kids mock at a man for being bald. The man curses them and immediately around 42 of those kids are killed by a forest bear.

4.Death count

The Bible states that the Holy God killed at least 2400000 people whereas the Evil Satan killed only 10.


The phrase, “Do Not Be Afraid” or related phrases of the same meaning are repeated in the Bible for about 365 times.

6.Printing mistake

During 1631, a couple of London printers left out the word “not” from the Seventh Commandment and the final version read as “Thou shalt commit adultery”. However, the price of this copy is a steep $90000.

7.Jesus as Warrior King

Germanic Bible which came out during the 9th century describes Jesus as the warrior king.

8.Describing Jesus

The Bible doesn’t describe Lord Jesus in any way physically in any of its versions or chapters.

9.God against Man

In the first ever instance of God filing a lawsuit against man, the Old Testament of the Bible describes a scene. This is the scene where God sues Israel for breaking a particular contract.

10.God against disabled man

In one of the chapters, Leviticus, God says that he is against accepting sacrifices and food at this temple from people who have any deformity or disability in their bodies.

11.200 foreskins as gift

David wants to marry Saul’s daughter, Michal. For ageing to the marriage, Saul asks David to bring 100 foreskins of the Philistines (his enemies). However, David emerged victoriously and presented Saul with 200 foreskins and marries Michal.

12.Bread and human poo

When Ezekiel took control of Jerusalem, God punished him by asking him to make a model city, lie on his left for 390 days and the lie on his right side for 40 days. During the punishment time, he was ordered to eat bread that was baked with fire from human poo. Saul asks David to bring 100 foreskins of the Philistines (his enemies). When Ezekiel found it awkward, God allowed him to use cow shit as well.


In an incident from the chapter, Genesis, two angels visit a man called Lot. Men crowd around Lot’s home to rape these two beautiful angels. However, Lot tells them to rape his daughters instead of the angels, which is quite surprising to read, indeed!

14.Father& Daughter?

In the same chapter, Lot and his two daughters elope to a cave. Since there are no men around, his daughters serve him liquor and also have sexual relations with them. Both of them become pregnant and carry their father’s child in their wombs!

15.Donkey Talk

A man called Balaam had a donkey that he used to beat a lot. One day, the donkey started speaking miraculously, and it expressed its displeasure at the treatment meted out to it. Balaam was surprised but later came to know that it was God’s miracle.

16.Adam’s banishment

If you thought Adam was banished from Eden for eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, you are mistaken. He was banished because he ate from a tree that was forbidden.


The Bible speaks about the unicorn for about five times and describes it as an animal that had horns and looked like a horse.

18.Booster for execution seat

A boy once used his Bible as a booster on his electric chair so that he got enough height to be executed.

19.Satan’s number

We all always think “666” as Satan’s number. However, the Bible tells us that the Evil Satan’s number could be “616”.


Today, we all hear the word, Triflin (meaning useless) quite commonly. What might surprise us is that this word was first used in the Bible.


We have always thought that Satan’s name was Lucifer, haven’t we? In reality, however, the Bible uses the word, “Lucifer” only to mention to the fall of the Babylon kingdom.

22.Handwritten Bible

Donald Jackson and a team of other calligraphers created the first handwritten Bible ( along with illustrations) during 2011 after 12 years of hard work at the cost of $8million.



In the modern Bible, the word, “Gehenna”, refers to hell or a place where garbage was burnt. It was also the place where bodies of people who committed suicide, were also thrown into it.

24.Jesus exhibits His power

When Jesus saw a fruitless tree when He was hungry, He cursed it never to bear fruit again. The fruit dies in a while. When the disciples are surprised, Jesus tells them that He could even get a mountain jump into the sea if He wished for it!

25.Awkward commandments

The Bible contains rules and regulations to lead one’s life; some of them are quite awkward indeed. The Bible forbids people to wear cloth from two kinds of material, shaving the corner of ones’ head, etc.

26.Food restrictions

The Bible prohibits its followers from eating things that do not have fins and scales of all the living things that are found in waters, which doesn’t go down well with many Christians.

27.Rules regarding menstruating women

The Bible tells that menstruating women are considered as unclean for seven days. People who touch these women and the things that the women use on these days are also considered unclean.


  1. Rude against women

In one of the chapters, the Bible suggests something terrible. It says that when two men have a fight, and the wife of one of the men attempts to save her husband from the second man by seizing his private parts, the second man has the authority to cut off the woman’s hands!

29.Human slavery

It is quite unfortunate, but the Bible did promote slavery in a big way. In one of the chapters, it encouraged people to buy foreigners residing in their land and use them as slaves and even pass these slaves to their future generations.

30.Cruel penalties

The Bible says that if a couple has a son who is useless, a drunkard and one who doesn’t respect his parents, he should be brought in the open by the parents and he should be stoned to death by all the men in his town.



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