Top 30 Significant Facts About Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is famous for her humorous speeches and comedic stand-ups. She’s a well-known celebrity that aced films, sitcoms, photo shoots, and interviews. For the longest time she is in the industry, how much do you know about her? Her sitcom named after her? Voice actress of Dory in the animated film? What more? Think no more. We are here to feed you 30 of the most significant fact about Ellen DeGeneres.

1. Ellen, Madonna, and Princess Kate share the same 10th great-grandfather.

All of these great blonde ladies are related in their bloodstream whether you believe it or not. Way back 2013, in one of her sitcom episodes, she told the audience that she received a letter that confirms her relationship with Katherine Duchess of Cambridge. The New England Historic Genealogical Society proves that they share a common ancestor which is Thomas Fairfax that made them 15th cousins. Also, she shares the same great grandfather with Madonna which is Martin Aucoin from France. He is their 10th great grandfather.

2. Ellen is raised as a Christian Scientist.

One belief of Christian Scientists is that sickness should be prayed and not treated. Ellen grew up with the set of practices and believes from metaphysics family that developed in England. She is raised as a Christian Scientist until the age of 13. However, the only one left as a Christian Scientist now is her father. Still, she concludes her faith with God as the creator of everything.

3. There is a ride named after her.

Walt Disney’s World Epcot Center had an energy attraction called Ellen’s Energy Adventure. It is a forty-five-minute ride where you will encounter dinosaurs. You’ll experience an educational journey. What do you expect from a trip named after her? Yes, full of fun and information.

4. Ellen is mindful of animal welfare.

She advanced to the next level of animal welfare when she decided to be a vegan because she doesn’t want to eat animals. Her dietary choice began last 2003, and she created a section from the Ellen DeGeneres Show’s website called “Going Vegan with Ellen.” Today, this section’s name is altered to “Ellen’s Healthy Living,” that showcases delicious vegan recipes. Everything is for her love of animals.

5. Ellen came out as a lesbian by the year 1997.

In one of the episodes of The Ophrah Winfrey Show, Ellen came out and publicly admitted she’s a lesbian. Her exact words are “I’m gay.” The episode got the highest rating for the series. Originally, Oprah’s show is an hour-long episode. However, this episode is an exception as they aired two 30-minute show about Ellen titled The Puppy Episode Part 1 and 2.

6. Her wife is Portia de Rossi.

Ellen is married to Portia since 2008. She is an actress famous for her roles in Arrested Development, Ally McBeal, and Scandal. Ellen proposed to her using a 3-carat diamond ring and got married at their mansion in Beverly Hills. They limit their guest to seventeen people excluding their parents.

7. She received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor last 2012.

Top entertainers including Tina Fey, Bill Cosby, and Will Ferrell received the same award Ellen received last 2012. It is given for outstanding talent in speeches and humor at Washington, DC.

8. She became a judge at American Idol.

In 2009, she replaced Paula Abdul for one season in American Idol. However, she admitted that judging talent did not fit her and considered her involvement as one of the worst decisions she made. She’s not good at breaking people’s heart and dreams that’s why she can’t continue.

9. She is molested at age 17.

In the year 2005, she revealed in an interview with Allure Magazine that she got molested by her mother’s third husband. He tried to smash and fondle her breast when she was seventeen. She is afraid and kicks the window to escape. It does not bother her to sleep in the hospital for the night. It is one of her strongest moment to spread to people how to fight back and say no.

10. Her selfie is re-tweeted a million times.

The most viral selfie is called Oscar’s selfie. Ellen uploads it in the year 2004. Jared Leto, Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong’o, Peter Nyong’o, and Ellen is in the picture. Maybe all their fans joined forces in retweeting and liking the selfie that generated a million re-tweet within 45 minutes. Now, it has over 3 million re-tweets and over 2 million likes. That’s insane.

11. Ellen is expensive.

She earns more than 75 million dollars a year and is listed as one of the top grossing celebrities by the year 2015. Also, she was named as the 50th most popular women in the whole-wide-world according to Forbes. She placed second on the World’s Pride Power List.

12. She served at restaurants before her comedic break.

Before earning millions as a host, actress, and comedian, she becomes a bartender, waitress, saleswoman and vacuum cleaner at TGI Fridays. She even becomes an oyster shucker at New Orleans. Her comedic career started in coffee shops and small clubs. Later on, she becomes a regular host at the New Orleans’ Comedy Club. She received her award as the “Funniest Person in America” a year after, given by Showtime.

13. Ellen received the highest award for a civilian.

A civilian may be awarded Ellen the Presidential Award of Freedom last 2017. It is the highest possible award given to a civilian in the United States. Obama admitted that he almost choked while awarding the comedian in the White House.

14. The Ellen DeGeneres show undeniably reaches success.

All in all, it earned 59 Daytime Emmy Awards. The sitcom debuted last September 8, 2003, and surpassed The Oprah Winfrey Show regarding awards. It is also one of the Top 20 most subscribed channel on Youtube. The show is renewed for three more seasons until 2020.

15. Her house cost over $40 million.

Her house measure 2.3 acres that contains a pool house, pool, tennis court and a gym. Her lifestyle is perfect for her home amenities because she loves tennis, football, and living healthy. She sells her previous home for $17 million even though she bought it for $21 million. She also loves collecting portraits, painting, and antiques.

16. Ellen’s close friend sings the theme song for Finding Dory.

She asked her friend, Sia, to sing the theme song of the film. We all know that Ellen is the voice actress of Dory who suffers from memory loss. The song is called “Unforgettable.” She is well known for hiding her face in a wig.

17. Ellen is known for her professionalism and punctuality.

Even though she is well known for almost all the fields in media, she still comes early in all her meetings, photo shoots, and interviews. She value punctuality and professionalism so much no matter how tired she is within the day.

18. She exercises while watching her favorite show.

She’s a multi-tasker! Despite all the busy schedules, she still manages to stay fit and healthy while watching her favorite Television channel which is the Animal Planet. Remember what I mentioned about having a vegan diet? Well, she wants to know more about animals, so she’s finding time to watch them while going through the elliptical machine.

19. She hosts the Academy Awards.

She is the second female who hosted the Academy Awards. Whoopi Goldberg is the first. But being Oscar’s host is one of her dreams during teenage days. Because most of their hosts are male since 1929 and they are the chose few to represent woman for hosting.

20. Her mom has a particular seat on her show.

She reserves her mom the best seat in her sitcom show. She lived with her mom during her teenage years. Surprisingly, her mother is a former speech therapist and an LGBT activist. She often speaks for Human Rights Campaign.

21. She auditioned at Pulp Fiction but did not get the role.

She tried winning the role of Jody in a Thriller film, Pulp Fiction by the year 1994. Unfortunately, the role was given to Rosanna Arquette. Oh, that would be an exciting catch if she got the role as it is quite far from her usual appearance.

22. Johnny Carson invited Ellen at the Tonight’s show.

She’s not just invited. After her comedic stand-up routine, she’s also asked by Carson to have a little chat on his couch. It is one big honor to get invited by Carson itself as a comedian, mainly because she’s the first woman to be invited.

23. Ellen quit smoking.

To complete her goal of becoming healthy, she quit smoking in 2005 in addition to her healthy vegan diet and workouts. She’s entering her 60th year by 2018 and still looks healthy. This must be the secret.

24. She played as the voice actress for various projects.

She’s notable for the recently aired film, Finding Dory as she voices the main character from Disney Pixar. She is also involved in more voice roles in video games and movies such as The Last Resort in the year 1996 together with Christopher Reeve and Stephen Tyler.

25. She wrote books.

Her writing “My Point… and I Do Have One,” becomes a bestseller for six months by the year 1995. It was a topnotch on the bestsellers list of the New York Times too. She also wrote Seriously I’m Kidding, The Funny Thing Is, and Home.

26. She’s one of the spokespeople for a global animal campaign.

One of her eye-catching ads is about animals working with her. The stars are dogs, turtle, elephant, birds and more animals which help her in work. American Express signed her to do the job because of her love for animals.

27. She turned down some acting roles.

Even before getting a sitcom for herself, she turned down some acting roles including the film “Friends.” She’s also offered the lead role in an action film titled Speed by the year 1994. The part is given to Sandra Bullock together with her co-star Keanu Reeves.

28. Ellen and Oprah had appeared on the same cover.

We know she’s powerful. How powerful? She wanted Oprah Winfrey to pose with her on the cover of a magazine, and she makes it happen. If you are a fan of Oprah, you’ll know she only appears alone on her covers, but Ellen is an exception.

29. She won enormous awards.

If 14 People’s Choice Awards and 13 Emmys are not enough for you, then how about adding Teen Choice, Kids Choice, Satellite, Annie’s, and PGA Television Producer Awards on the list? It is like receiving an award and nominations every month.

30. She has her record label.

Her record album is titled Eleven Eleven and was announced on one of her show’s episodes. Her record label’s focus is the less famous artists that she scouted on Youtube. She’s thinking of a great name, and as a coincidence, every time she looks at the clock, 11:11 is glaring on her. She took it as a sign and make it the name. She signed Jessica Simpsons, Charlie Puth and more artist she believed is deserving.

There you have it. The Top 30 Significant Facts About Ellen DeGeneres. Which one specifically surprised you? Do you know someone who loves Ellen as much as you do? Tag them in the comments or share this to your timeline to spread the information. It will be a proper start-up for a conversation too. Tell us what you had in mind through the comments or subscribe to new list in the future. Thank you so much for reading.

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